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    I haven't posted in awhile difficult child 2 is now home we drove thru a blizzard friday to pick her up .. Things seem to be going well on the abilify she says it helps her and that she likes it much better than the geodone she says she feels in more control now .. however we all know time will tell, child services is now closing its case .. difficult child 2 told the therapist and the psychiatrist at the psychiatric hospital that the accusations toward husband was a lie that she did it to get more attention from him. We have changed her therapist here once again to an equine therapist have any of you worked with one??? .. im a little worried about difficult child 2 and big horses but that could be me being over protective .. prayers that the abilify and the new diagnosis of bi-polar not otherwise specified help with her battle. Just a recap of her diagnosis Bi-polar not otherwise specified, ADHD, ODD,CD
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    Horse Therapy?!
    You... well, lets just say I'm turning green with envy.
    (we can't afford horse therapy...)