He called from camp

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Jul 23, 2008.

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    We finally got our ONE phonecall. We all talked for about 15 min. and had great fun. He is lonesome but is still having a good time. He liked the caving, although he said it was muddy, and he said the rock climbing was really easy. He likes the ropes course the best so far.

    His voice sounds so calm and grown up. He's starting to get that froggy up-down octave adolescent tone. Oooh, my baby!

    The postcards we got in the mail recently said the counselors are "awesome" and he's really looking forward to caving.
    There are four girls and four boys, ages 11-17. They all get along pretty welll, although he did say he got into trouble twice for fighting. What? Turns out it was an argument, not a fistfight.:anxious:
    The kids have to come up with-their own punishments. He didn't have one, he just got into trouble, whatever that means. Go back to your cabin, probably.
    Several of the trips they've taken have been over the border of Tennessee. I hadn't known that before. :surprise:
    I'm mailing another disposable camera because he's used up the two I gave him.
    They get eletricity when they do the laundry, and that is also where they watch TV. He found our there was a hurricane in TX and another one in N and S. Carolina. I thought they did not get any TV, but if it enoucourages the kids to sit tight during the spin cycle, what he heck. ;)

    His girlfriend from the camp in Williamsburg called last night. We told him tonight, and he was very happy and said he would definiitely call her back. (I'll be keeping an eye on the phone bill.):smug:

    All in all, he's having a good time and says it's very hard work. That's a good thing! :grins:

    Two more weeks!
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    That's great, Terry! I'm glad that you found someplace that was such a great fit for him!
  3. Big Bad Kitty

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    What a great update. Glad to hear that he is having a good time!
  4. ML

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    Your little boy is growing up. this has been so good for him. I hope you're done some things for yourself and enjoying the peace.
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    Oooh, yeah! Painting, writing, gardening, going out to lunch, and generally being in a good mood. It is amazing how much less stress I'm under. The bathrooom doesn't reek and I don't recoil from the toilet seat, (eek); no one argues with-every little thing (although easy child is having her teen moments lately); I don't have to do a bed check for the ever present mysterious missing DVD player that belongs to easy child and ends up in difficult child's bed; I don't hear rap and nasty music down the hall...
    I miss his hugs, and the way he looks at easy child at the dinnertable when she tells her stories, though. :)