He called his teacher a b****

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    The last two days have been hard.

    Yesterday I took Carson to WalMart. He had 2 quaters saved up and wanted to use them in a "claw" machine. I reminded him that they are very hard to win. He didn't win the "prize". It was a necklace that he wanted to win for me. When he lost he balled up both fists and SLAMMED his fists on the glass. He yelled "This game SUCKS! It's a piece of ****!" He was VERY loud and angry. I tried to walk him away from the game. He wanted to try the game again when we left. I told him that because he lost control he wouldn't be able to play the game this time. He then stopped in his tracks. I kept walking. "Come on, Carson, lets go get our stuff". He then YELLED at me "I HATE YOU!" My heart broke. He has never said he hated me before. He has always said "you don't like me". 15 minutes later he was apologizing to me. Hugging on me, telling me he loved me.

    Today, at school he was told that he needed to write (allergic to writing) his spelling words 4 times each. He didn't want to. He told her that he didn't want to. She said "Well, you have to." He then called her a bit*h. He now has two more days of OCS (already spent 4 days in there).

    I just feel ill. I feel...defeated. I am mad that the County Special Education people have done ZERO testing for his IEP. They have until 11/11/11 to get it done. NOTHING has happened yet. I am mad because, although Carson was WRONG to do this...he has something WRONG with him too. And the Principal is an :censored2:. He makes me feel so bad. And...and...and. I just. I'm so tired of it all. It's all so much work. And no one else is doing their part. EX carries insurance, he is supposed to be finding Carson a Psycologist that is on his plan. Carson's doctor said he needed to get in to see one ASAP. That was almost 6 weeks ago.

    I can't stop crying and that makes me mad at myself for being such a weenie.
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    You're NOT a weenie! You're overwhelmed. I recognize that feeling all too well. Just bawling my eyes out because I felt so helpless.

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    Dont know if you have been following my son's ride on the suspension and no lunch room suspensions....but doesn't it make you crazy that they dont see that this is not working...how many days???? if it was gonna work(and I am fine with TRYING it) then it would have.

    What are they doing to reward him for doing ONE time writing some words....then TWO???? They see he is struggling...Gosh, a kid does NOT have to be in Special Education to get these kinds of simple helps.
    Well, at least she was not the F***ing B**** that my son's teacher was as he stood in the doorway of the bus yelling to her! I am sure it will probably come at some point, prepare yourself.

    I actually think the I hate you thing gave you a typical parenting moment (just kidding you, I know it hurt and I dont mean to belittle that) I just mean I dont know of any parent anywhere who hasn't heard that!

    That very same game was a huge problem for us too. I did some times when I refused to let him, others I tried to parepare him, now he understands what it means when we say the game is rigged etc. Sadly you always find someone who is good at the games and then they see those people winning and winning.... Luckily he is not as obsessed with them anymore. No easy answers from me for that one...maybe someone did better than I ever did with that.

    You are not a wimp, you are just joining the very real crying club that comes with this kind of parenting. I would worry if you didn't feel it like that. I have cried more the past week than in a year. Just happens like that sometimes. Sending love and prayers....
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    Ohhhh.....many hugs. In the third grade Matt told his 3rd grade teacher that he wanted to kill her in a fit a rage - three months after the Columbine incident. IEP or not - the school flipped their lid!!! Were going to send him to an alt school ASAP. I spent the rest of the year arguing with them over the IDEA law and what his rights were as a disabled kid. I was SO upset. Embarrassed, worried and felt so ostracized. The whole school including the parents were beasts to me, and I literally wanted to run away.

    I can't remember exactly, but it was somewhere in there that he started AP medications, which helped a ton. As I think I mentioned in my last post your kiddo is not on a good medication combo for seizures and flight or fight responses, etc. What does he take to his control seizures? How can you get him into see a psychiatrist - does he maybe need a phosph visit?
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    . Well, if you have to be a weenie, you can be the Ocar Mayer kind, because we all love you!

    been there done that in helplessness. Have yourself a little pity party and then keep on keeping on. We're all rooting for both of you.
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    Carson is very fight or flight. He has run from school since he was in PreK. Not every year--but 3 times last year and twice this year. I think today, she told him to do something. He didn't want to do it. She demanded he do it or she would "send him to OCS". He freaked and called her a...well, you know. He can be so sweet, calm and then BOOM! Like a switch has ben flipped. Then he can flip back the other way in like 5 minutes.
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    Gosh, Steely, I meant to also say... He doesn't have seizures...that I know of (?)