He called last night...UG!

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by rejectedmom, Aug 14, 2012.

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    And now he has managed to get himself kicked out of the rehab which he was in for getting kicked out of the sober house. He says his parole officer is not happy. He is living with an AA buddy at the moment and will most likely have a violation filed and be headed back to jail soon. He had 7 years and now there will most likely be another year (or more) added on. Times like these I KNOW without a doubt that detachment is the only answer. Sigh, I need to find something pleasant to do today. -RM
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    Oh RM, I am so very sorry. Yes, sadly, I agree, that with some of us and our difficult child's, detachment is the only answer in order for US to have any kind of meaningful, peaceful life. I can't begin to understand the thinking behind their actions and judging it is an exercise in futility, it just is what it is. With mental issues, reality is not where they live, and in the world in which the rest of us live, reality reigns. Sigh. I am holding good thoughts for you to have a pleasant and calm day. ((((HUGS))))
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    Oh RM i a so sorry.....i know that sinking feeling when they kicked out again. I really dont think there iw anything you cqn do....except detach right now.

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    Sending hugs of understanding. We traveled this road in the teens and each time I got the call I simply had to cry after the telephone call and at least half way to the program. Of course I manned up so there was no evidence when I picked him up but IF I allowed myself to relive the moments...I'd likely get teary again. I am so sorry that he's a legal adult who still can't follow the rules. Mostly, tho, I'm sorry for your pain. DDD
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    Thank you ladies. I took My father in law's clothes over to the goodwill and then did a bit of shopping. no real treasures to be found but I got some nice designer fabric and some lovely baskets. I am now sitting watching Public Television on the immunity solution by Dr Furman. Just a simple quite day. -RM
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    Sorry to hear about your difficult child. Sending hugs your way and hoping you find things to keep you busy.
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    Thanks for the hugs and well wishes. I truly appreciate them. -RM