He can be so sweet.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ggluvbug, Dec 20, 2007.

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    I complain about my poor son, but tonight he was genuinely sweet and caring. We went to Chuck E. Cheese with my sister and her kids. My middle daughter and one of my sister's daughters got a troll doll for tickets from games. The other cousin and my other daughter didn't earn enough. My son(the difficult child) earned a kick ball. When he realized that the other two girls didn't get dolls, he went back to the counter and traded his prize in so each of the little ones could have a doll. I started crying in the middle of the place--I was just so overwhelmed. So of course, my husband went back and bought the ball for him. It just made me so happy to see that. I think God knew I needed to see something positive come from my son today!
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    I teared up reading that! How sweet.

    Journal that. On a bad difficult child day, you will have it to look back on. What a nice thing to remember that difficult child did...
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    Imagine how I felt in the middle of Chuck E. Cheese all choked up....yes, that will have to be one I remember.
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    Very sweet of difficult child! :thumbsup:I love when our difficult children surprise us for the good!
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    THAT is great! It's those moments we all live for, isn't it? To see that sweet loving child that we KNOW is in there...

    Way To Go difficult child!
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    That was incredibly generous! It's always nice to see some of our messages getting through. Good job all of you!!!!
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    Thanks for sharing this with us....keep this in your heart.

    You've done good :warrior: mum!