he CAN read!!!!!!!

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    i have finally gotten the proof! Kenny can read! and very well! qiute a few years ago one of his counselors told me that she believed alot of his learning delays was due to emotional stress from when he was younger. i have had teachers and other counselors tell me that he would probly never learn to read big words and etc. due to mental abilities, i have told them over and over that i believe thay are wrong that i believed he could do alot of stuff and was hiding it due to the fact his bio dad would call him stupid and so would the other kids at school if he got a wrong answer when he was younger so he would act up so as not to do the work in case he was wrong to keep from being made fun of. and this has continued for years.
    but no one would listen. they had him at a 2nd grade reading level at school.but, i have caught him reading and etc. when he thought no none was looking .(like on his psp2 and xbox to find out how to play a new game)
    now kenny is on homebound and i dont know what this teacher has done but ......she has gotten him to read and alot of words that i can't even pronounce!and ive also always known he could do really good in math and she is getting him to do the work!
    maybe now they will listen to me and get to the real issues.
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    :D Yeah! That's great!

    When my difficult child was in 2nd grade I received a call from her teacher who was very concerned about difficult child's reading abilities. I nearly fell on the floor laughing. I told her teacher that her worries were unfounded and then listed off the many 3rd and 4th grade level books that difficult child had been reading at home. The teacher did not believe me! She was convinced that I was in denial. I even told the teacher how difficult child used to help easy child when she was having to study for her spelling words and vocabulary. Haha. difficult child has a natural ability when it comes to reading, sounding out words and understanding what they mean. Seriously, it is uncanny. Her 2nd grade teacher wanted her to go into a reading resource program, but I said no. Wish I had been so savvy when she was in 3rd grade and her then teacher wanted to place her into a math resource group because she couldn't read a conventional clock!!! :rolleyes:

    I'm so glad for you and your little one. How Excellent!
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    That is waesome!! So happy for you1 I would try to find out what methods teacher is using so at least you will have the knowledge of what is working for him. Again congrats - I'm sure it was a big relief!!:thumbsup: