He can stay in his room!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. JJJ

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    Eeyore has been "off" for the last week or so. He doesn't see psychiatrist again until March as she is on vacation until then. But wow, does he need his medications adjusted!! He is crying, twitching, shaking and melodramatic. Any time we speak to him he flinches as if we've thrown a grenade at him. He is getting stuck on his obsessions but won't do his basic chores and schoolwork. Ugh!!

    This is so minor compared to Kanga, but it is so annoying!
  2. wakeupcall

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    Maybe it's the time of the year. My difficult child is about to drive me NUTZ!! He's talking babytalk incessantly (SO annoying), doing this little jig of a dance non-stop, also ducking like we're going to hit him. WHAT could it be? WE fight and fight and fight about all of it to no avail. I've tried ignoring it, punishing for it and rewarding for NOT doing it. On top of that, he interrupts till I want to pull my hair out. I agree, he needs to stay in his room......for his own safety!:devil2:
  3. JJJ

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    Wow, it sounds like we have twins. Eeyore does all of that! Generally Eeyore is better in the summer, I think we need to move farther south.
  4. navineja

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    It has got to be the weather or the moon or the lack of sun or SOMETHING in the air and it is all over the place! N has been just a beast this week- very disrespectful, argumentative, defiant, homework issues again, you name it! And she was doing so well, which makes it even harder to deal with for me. I was just telling the therapist last week that I really felt we had turned a corner and now this. Although I know that it is often two steps forward, one step back, it still is a pain.
    Sympathy, empathy and hugs to all in the same boat. Be glad we at least have a boat I guess and don't have to swim for it alone!
  5. babybear

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    difficult child's been a little wound up the last couple of weeks but the weather has got me all out of sorts too. It needs to be spring for real already!!