He Can't Wzit to go to School Today

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    thank you stayed home Friday partly b/ the kid in art class and partly because he was exhausted. Sunday he told husband he never wanted to go back again, and wnated to homeschool. I didn't hear this.

    Yesterday morning thank you was walking into walls. NOT on purpose, he is getting a sinus infection - which was a big part of his grumpiness all weekend. He was dizzy. Of COURSE he didn't say anything over the weekend and kept saying he didn't need any sinus medications. With thank you the dr won't be able to see anything if we take him in before Th or Fr. He gets grumpy, headaches, dizzy, lots of drainage into his stomach and sometimes ends up throwing up. But if we go to the doctor there will be NO signs of problems. But then about 6-7 days later we go back to the dr and it is "the worst I have ever seen!! WHY did you wait so long?????" been there done that enough to have two closets packed with the shirts.

    So I let him stay home yesterday. I did say that he needed to deal with the laundry. He and husband have been griping that Jess leaves clothing all over every flat surface in the house. I took a close look and 90% of the clothes all over were thank you's or husband's. So yesterday I told thank you that he and Jess had to keep the laundry moving through the machines. Not ONE load, one in each machine all day.

    Three loads in and he said he was "done". There was still laundry on the floor, bathroom floor, bathroom counter, etc.... So keep going kid.

    He got five loads done (and J folded and put away b/ she can't get them into and out of the machines with-o her back spasming). Last night he told husband that he couldn't wait to go back to school because staying home was hard work.


    The art teacher was back in school yesterday so thank you should be seated elsewhere today and will take time to talk to the teacher abotu the situation.
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    Staying home is hard work!

    Love it!!!
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    Sorry for the typo in the title. husband is always terrified that thank you will want to be homeschooled - he wants one of our kids to go all the way through school with-o that, lol!
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    LOL - If I stay home sick, I get a lot done at home. It would probably be better for me to BE at work, for resting purposes...