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    So tomorrow is d day. Discharge day. difficult child has been gone since November 7th. He has made some amazing progress and I hope it carrys over. He is so much more stable, and on less medications when he went in.

    We had a huge wrap meeting today at the school. They had to move to a bigger room. There were about 10 people present and difficult child and family therapist on conference call.

    difficult child was shy at first, I think he had a hard time talking to people he could not see. Family therapist came in late and we introduced people again. Gg then had gotten used to the conference call thing. He spoke to everyone and appropriately. He spoke of his goals and how he was doing with them, thanked his mentor fire sending him gifts, told the director of the school why he thought he would do better at school.

    At the end of the call he told me he loved me. In front of everyone, and I had not said it first, I did not want to embarrass him.

    We have a ton of appts in the next several weeks, and I know the transition home will be hard. We meet with the school friday to figure out if he will start full days our partial days of school. His skills builder will go to school with him for 2 hrs a day for the first 4 days during lunch to help with unstructured time and 2 days a week after that. If he is having a bad day when skills builder is not there the plan is to ask him to help in the lunchroom or office during lunch, that way he is not punished and he likes to help people so I feel good about that.

    I want to thank you all for your support during this difficult time, it had helped me more than I can say.
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    Sounds really hopeful! I love that they want to find a way to build him up. It will naturally be stressful, but you can come here and vent some stress and it really does sound like you did the right thing all along. I am so happy for him and for you. You give me a lot of hope.
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    Sounds like you have a good plan. Yes, it is going to be a big transition for him but as long as you know that ahead of time and can prepare for some of it AND remember to include him in things, you should all do just fine. Keep the lines of communication with him wide open. Sounds like he is in a good place. Acknowledge it by communicating WITH him.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
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    Wow, it is great that he has so much support coming home. That's what you want. Tell him this is like a computer reset button, he has "reset" himself. And it is great about the medications. Hopefully this is a much more positive way forward for your whole family. Hope things with your daughter have improved and that S2BEX is increasingly out of the picture. way to go, warrior mom!! Wish you could take some time to do something fun for you....
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    Pepper, I like the computer reset analogy, that is a great idea.

    Once things settle I might see if I can get away for a night, we will see. It is one of my favorite times of year, tax refund time.

    I forgot to add that difficult child qualified medically for SSI, I just need to get his discharge papers to the worker and then I will know how much (hopefully something) he qualifies for.
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    THat is SOOO amazing! Was this the first time you applied? I am so glad for you. It will really help him.
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    Yep it was the first time, miracles do happen
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    Cant wait to hear how your day is going!
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    Missed this last night...hope your day is going well. Many hugs to you and yours.