He got a JOB!!!


Here we go again!
DC1 was offered a cashier job today at a local hardware store -- his first REAL job! I am so unbelievably thrilled!!! And so is he :bigsmile:

No idea when he starts yet, but OMG this is such a huge step for him.

Unfortunately, this brought out some chest-thumping behavior, and he's been lording it over DC2 today, and generally being a PITA toward him. I suspect there's been a bit of jealousy over DC2 having gotten a job sooner than he had. I foresee a conversation tonight when DC1 gets home from class.

I don't think DC2 is sleeping well, or taking his medications regularly, and I'm not sure how much longer he can work this 11pm to 6am night shift because I think it's taking a toll on him -- tonight he exploded after I made some chore requests, but his tirade was targeted primarily at DC1, and then some at husband, and then some at me. All the little irritations of the day, no doubt, but it's clearly an exaggerated response.

One step forward over there. One step sideways over here.


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, congrats on DC1 getting a job! I know you must be thrilled. keeping my fingers crossed all goes well and stays the course


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Congratulations! I know what it's when they get that first real job. Here's hoping he keeps it a good long time!


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Overnights are a REALLY bad idea for most people with mental illness. I worked them for nearly 25 years, and while they were easier for me because I was coming in with very messed up biorhythms from at least birth onward, they still left me with major problems.

These days I simply do not sleep without medication. It is nearly impossible to get your full sleep cycles during the day unless you are living alone and can modify a bedroom and somehow include sound and lightproofing.

In my case, I cannot sleep without a light ON! I've become so used to sleeping during the day that I have to have a light ON to sleep at night.

Try and encourage him/help him to get off this shift asap. You don't want him to have the various issues I have as a result of a life spent working overnights.


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I agree with GN. Living by yourself working overnights isn't too bad but with others on different schedules it can be a nightmare. Lil could never grasp why I had so much trouble sleeping while on midnights. She thought the room was pitch black. I have MUCH better night vision than her though and her pitch black was almost bright enough for me to read by. At one point I actually took duct tape to the curtains to hold them against the wall and to each other.