He is doing it again....

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by toughlovin, Jun 25, 2012.

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    Sigh.... hopefully his latest antics will make him really realize that part of his problem is addiction, pure and simple. I love this program he is in, they are working with him. On an outing this weekend he managed to buy some Kratom (bad synthetic weed) and take it... the staff saw that he was high and dealt with it. So the consequence is that part of his program is going to be 3 NA meetings a week and getting a sponser. And even stricter supervision.... and his allowance is going to be more carefully monitored. Unlike other programs they are not automatically kicking him out. Phew... big phew. It sounds like his therapist is doing some good work with him.

    Even so my stomach hurts again. At least he hasn't called me complaining....doubt I will hear from him about this because he probably hopes we don't know. I am glad they made him sign a release when he went into the program so that they can keep us informed!!!

  2. Broken_Hearted

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    That great that they didn't kick him out - errrhh "synthetic weed" I hate that stuff with a passion- it really alters their minds. :(

    Sorry to hear this - but it sounds like he is in a really good program - I also understand that stomach hurting feeling - :(
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    It never made sense to me that the treatment programs kick them out when they act the very way their addiction makes them act. It's like they expect them to walk i the door and give it up, be cured before they are even treated. I know they have to have consequences but kicking them out just doesn't seem the way to go. So I'm glad they are working with him.

    I agree TL I that he has to face that drugs are an integral part of his problem. I know he has underlying issues but drugs are certainly a big part of it and it must be dealt with. I'm glad they are requiring the NA meetings and sponsor, yet I know from my difficult child if he isn't convinced he has a drug problem he won't put his heart into it.

    I'm sorry you are once again in anxiety mode and hope he gets back on track quickly.

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    At least I know he is safe and they are on to him and working with him. So I dont have to give him consequences and I don't have to argue with him about if he does or does not have a drug problem. I don't need to do anything in fact. :) except to wait and see. My hope is that the therapist can talk to him about what is going on that he needs to get high when he is in a good program.... what is that about and oh.... maybe part of it is just pure addiction that you need to deal with.

    And yeah when I first got the email I thought oh God here we go again... and really I have no idea what we could do next... this is kind of it. I hope he uses this to really look at himself and get somewhere.

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    Although I hate you are having to cope with more...it sounds like all in all, a good outcome. More meetings, sponsor, more supervision...sign all our difficult children up.

    SO glad nothing bad happened when he took that awful stuff.
  6. FlowerGarden

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    Sounds like he is in a good place. Not kicking him out is great. I like the way they handled the situation.
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    I am so glad they didn't kick him out. That has never made sense to me...I mean-the patients are drug abusers. Relapses are SOP and A GREATER reason for keeping them! Abusers test boundaries!

    Hate the roller coaster tho...{{{hugs}}}
  8. Kathy813

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    It sounds like you have really found the right place at last. Rest easy knowing that they will handle your difficult child with the right consequences while continuing treatment for the underlying disorders.

  9. buddy

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    So glad they are continuing to work with him. Happy you dont have to solve all the problems too! HUGS
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    TL, I'm glad things have been worked out in the way they have. He really needs a program that sends the message, "We are going to stick with you and hold you accountable. Your self sabotage isn't going to get you out of here". Enjoy any moments of peace you can. :)