He is driving me crazy(vent)

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by crazymama30, May 30, 2008.

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    difficult child has been on a roll since last night. Yesterday he came home with an mp3 player. First he found it, then when I told him we were taking it to lost and found this morning, he said Robert gave it to him for .50$ and because it was friendship day. What??? I don't think so. So I took it away this morning and when I took him to school we took it to the office to be returned to the other boy.

    This afternoon the principal called, and they had apparently traded--mp3 player (128mb, no tuner, very basic) for his gameboy!!!! Now the the gameboy is old, but it is more expensive to replace. The principal made them trade back, and I explained to difficult child about the difference in values and how I was upset because he lied to me twice.

    He has been he** on wheels. He has been arguing, yelling, irrational, demanding, and just generally a PITA. I have so had it. I am ready to scream. I made him take a melatonin, not something I usually do on a weekend, but I just cannot deal with him for much longer.

    To top it off, we increased his Daytrana Wednesday. The last few days have been chaotic, but I can't help but wonder if the Daytrana is in part responsible for this. I think I will give it a few more days and see, but I am so glad I GET to go to work tommorrow. Yippee yippee yay yay.

    I so understand why some animals eat their young. I so get it.
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    The increase in Daytrana could very well be the problem. It not only can exacerbate anxiety, but it can also make kids with mood disorders worse.
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    Yep, I know that the daytrana can make it worse. So far we have been ok with it, so we will see. I am just not sure if it is the stimulant or just that life has been crazy lately. Yesterday he was picked up from school and went to a friends house, then today he was picked up from school and had to run around then too. Usually he gets picked up and goes home, and he does not deal well with variations in schedules.

    If this continues the dose incease is done. Just done.
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    I am not experienced i the medications area, but just wanted to reach out with big ((hugs)) I am also in touch with why mothers eat their young! Sorry your having such a bad run with difficult child. I know when things get to that point it effects everything else that's going on in your life as well. Keep on venting, have a bubble bath and put your armor back on for another funfilled day in the life of difficult child. Sorry things are so stressful right now!
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    Yikes, what a day!

    I don't have any advice on the medications either. Just reaching out to let you know you aren't alone.

    Big hugs.