he is gone for 3 weeks

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Liahona, Jun 3, 2012.

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    Well, we survived the wind up of emotions before the big summer visitation. difficult child 1 left tonight for x's house. He'll be back in 3 weeks. I had husband take him to the visitation exchange because I couldn't. difficult child 1 was emotional. husband has never seen him emotional at an exchange before. difficult child 1 normally saves that for when I take him. Right up until the time to leave difficult child 1 was saying he wasn't really going, or that x would bring him right back if he (difficult child 1) would ask him to. I feel so bad for difficult child 1. I'm having to remind myself that x will be on good behavior because they have a therapy appointment tomorrow morning. And then another one sometime in the middle of the visit. I'm sure difficult child 1 will tell the therapist he doesn't want to be there and x will be all disney dad trying to bribe difficult child 1 to change his mind.

    I also feel bad that its going to be so nice here without him. I won't have to keep everyone in the living room so I can make sure they are safe. There were times I've had to send difficult child 1 outside or downstairs and the other kids don't understand why they can't go too. And with out him here the verbal fighting decreases dramatically.
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    Don't feel bad that you know the house will be quieter with difficult child 1 at his dad's house. Everyone needs a break from a difficult child and it will be good for you and for the other kids to have three weeks of peace and quiet.

    Do you think that x will bring difficult child 1 back if he asks him to? Hopefully, the visit will be nice for him and he will be happy to stay there for the whole three weeks.
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    Can't imagine how torn you must feel at times like this. The peace and quiet and break is just an honest to goodness side effect of what the situation is, you might as well let yourselves and the other kids enjoy the respite. I hope the therapy appointments keep X in line. He is a scary man, I really hope he can keep from scaring and scarring difficult child 1 further. Will say a prayer for a safe and enjoyable visit.
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    Heart breaking for you and difficult child, but also rejoicing that you get some peace. Enjoy that time of peace, you deserve it.
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    Enjoy!!! Recharge!!!
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    Kick the guilt outside the door. It is what it is and might as well enjoy it. It is a time to connect with your other kids in a different way. Personally, I do appreciate the times when husband takes one of the kids to work. The dynamic in the house is then very different (wether it be Partner, V or Sweet Pea gone) and we all like it! We make it special.