He is OUT of rehab!

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by pinevalley, Jan 10, 2012.

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    My difficult child was discharged from rehab today, and he is back at home again! He was in the substance abuse program for 30 days, and he swears that he is ready to start his new life. It is really nice to have the "old" son back again, now that he is clean and sober. He was such a mess when he first entered rehab that he looked high all the time (and he probably was). I keep telling difficult child that it will take time to trust him again, and that he has to prove to husband and I that he can be trusted. I let my difficult child walk over to a friend's home, someone who doesn't use drugs. Now i am wondering if he is really with this friend, or if he is getting high with the total losers again. I really don't believe anything that difficult child says unless I can actually prove that it is true. I am so glad that he has stopped using the synthetic weed, and that he looks much healthier than just one month ago. He will start the intensive outpatient program tomorrow, and he will start back at school on Thursday. I am hoping for the best with difficult child, but I will still worry all the time.
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    Wishing him success. I imagine it will be an up and down process.
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    Congratulations to your son! I know this is a very hopeful time for him filled with confidence that he has not had in a long time. What a HUGE step. I think that teens who are willing to go into treatment are SO brave. There are so many other teens that just deny any problem and dare anyone to do anything about it. All the best as he and you move forward. Don't fear the "what if" - from here on out - its "one day at a time". He may slip, but now that he has seen what recovery looks and feels like, if that happens, he will want this good feeling again. He may find inspiration in the book "Intervention: Anything but My Own Skin" - you may too for that matter. Good luck!!!!!
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    I remember the absolute joy of having difficult child back in our home, back in his bed, back looking healthy. Enjoy. Sadly we all have to be cautiously optimistic...hoping for the best but staying prepared for the worst. That's what loving parents experience because we are not the "Master of their Ship". It is truly wonderful that he goes into a program so quickly. I'm rooting for him and sending caring thoughts your way. Hugs DDD
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    Good news! Enjoy having your chick home to roost. I sleep so well when my boys are safe in their beds!!
    Xing fingers for you
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    Thanks for the good wishes. It is amazing that the very first time that difficult child went out with friends after rehab I automatically went on full alert for signs of drug use. I am so used to checking his text messages, facebook page, and even following him to check on who he is hanging out with that I automatically started to do it all over again. I must remember to take it "one day at a time" just like my difficult child is doing. My son's best friend is a total loser and drug addict, and difficult child has promised that he won't hang out with this guy again. I would like to believe this, but I'm not really able to just yet. I am sure that all parents of difficult child's are hoping for the best, but being prepared for the worst. What a balancing act!
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    I remember that day so well. It is nice to have them back in their own beds. I'm happy for you. I know you are nervous, gosh it didn't take me long to start worrying everytime she walked out the door. I also started checking up on her, trying to make sure she was where she said she was, and then I had to stop. I had to remember what they taught us in our parent classes. Their sobriety was up to them and we couldn't run around checking up on them. We were taught to recognize the signs of relapse but not to fall back into those old habits.It's than that I started seriously looking for support groups. I needed to be in a better place.

    I hope he will be the one that makes it our of rehab without relapsing. He can do it, it is possible. His outpatient program will help reinforce everything he learned in treatment. He will start going to meetings in the area and making new friends.

    Hugs and sleep well,
  8. Kathy813

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    I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will apply the lessons learned in rehab and that this is the start of a lifetime of sobriety.

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    I am happy for you and yoour difficult child. Rehab is the first step and it is a big one. Now it is one day at a time. I understand your worry. My son is only out of treatment 3 weeks and he is starting Occupational Therapist (OT) go off on his own for hours at a time and I worry also. As always with this type of thing prognosis is guarded.
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    One day at a time. I am hoping and praying for the very best.
  11. lovemysons

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    Pinevalley, I'm so glad to hear your heart is so happy to have difficult child home again. I understand as both of my sons' were once at rehab as teens from 4 to 6 months. I was both happy to have them home sleeping in their own beds but at the same time walking on egg shells waiting for the "other shoe to drop".
    I think this is why Al Anon was so helpful once I discovered them so I could rekindle my faith and start to believe that my difficult child's just might make it.
    I am still waiting for one difficult child now...my young difficult child to get with the program. But he knows where the help is.
    Sounds like your difficult child has good supports in place. Hoping he will really embrace a new way of life one day at a time.

    Hang in there,