He is still there...

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    Hi all,

    Well hopefully I wont jinx things by reporting in.... we went to the parent support group on Monday and then visited difficult child. A much better visit this time! They brought up our situation and our bad visit in the parent support group which was ok but sort of embarrassing although all the other parents understood. Made it very clear if he gets like that again we should leave... I had figured that out but it was good for my husband to hear!! They had also talked to him about it and made it clear he cannot behave like that towards us and staff and stay in the program. So we had a good visit. They are doing this whole haunted house for the neighborhood which is just down difficult children alley! Anyway he looks and sounded good. We did get him some of his music and put it on an iPod nano (which has no internet access). I am not sure I would have even done that but my husband wanted to and I didnt fight it. So difficult child was happy about that and no more talk at all about giving him his property.
    I was a bit amused.... initially when asked about something he would say good or seem happy.... but if we asked further he really went for the sympathy play. Like initially the food was good, homecooked... but then a lot of it is by donation and sometimes there is moldy bread etc. I just laughed when he said that.... because he just doesnt want us to think he has it too good!!
    I really feel like this is the right kind of program for him, it is very behaviorally based which is the kind of program that has worked well with him in the past. And the general stay is 9 mo to a year so it is exactly what he needs. Of course it is up to him to get what he can from it.

    Happy Halloween everyone.... I am feeling a bit sad about those Halloweens gone by. It was such a fun holiday with the kids when they were little.

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    So glad to hear that he is still there!!! I think the iPod Nano was a really good compromise... :)
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    Great news that he is still there!! I'm glad this visit went better.

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    Glad to hear they gave you advice and didn't support his abuse!
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    Thanks for the update TL and I'm very happy to hear he's still there.
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    TL, great update. My son was in his program for 10 months and it too made the kids responsible for behavior. Their peers held each other accountable, as did staff. I think it was a great program and it sounds like your son is making strides. Continued good thoughts that he continues to make progress.

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    Another here hoping difficult child will make progress and stay put!

    Hugs and love to you TL,
    I think of you often.