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    So my difficult child is still at the long term program he is at!! It has been a month. We are visiting him every week and except for the first visit it has been good. We dont do a lot of talking but we play cards and it is fun and companionable. I have come to realize that at this point, at the age of 22, his treatment is in his hands and his business. So I am not pushing for him to sign releases, I am not asking for any information beyond what he tells me. I go to the parent support group they offer so I have a good sense in general of what goes on but am not asking specifics. I know to take what he tells me with a grain of salt!! Lol. He did get to the next level.... and then pretty quickly lost it. I know I dont have the whole story as to why but that is ok... at least he is still there!!! I feel like he is absolutely in the right place and I feel very good about the program. At this point I am done trying to ask him about his treatment or give advice (unless asked) or anything other than just having a relationship with him. It feels really good to have him in a safe place!!! And we are the emergency contact, so if he walks they will definitely call us.

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    That is an awesome update!!! It sounds like you are in such a good place and I am so happy for that my friend!! :D
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    I'm glad to hear this!
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    You sound like you are at peace.