He listens to me????

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    We went fishing with some friends yesterday. Before everyone met at the fishing hole, they were at friend's son's birthday party. I was unable to go to party as I was working, but went fishing when I got off work. difficult child started being a difficult child, so I went to deal with him, got him redirected and other boys mom says to me that difficult child really listens to me better than anyone. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I have always felt that he never listens to me, but I guess I am wrong. I even asked her is she was sure, and I got a rock solid yes. I always try to mean what I say, and I guess it must be working.

    On another note, he has been off his daytrana since the beginning of July, and I do think he needs it. Especially if he does anything other than be at home. The stims seem to help him be able to make better decisions and to be calmer. Without them he is always in people's personal space, and will not quit anything. I talked to psychiatrist about stims at the last appointment, and we both agreed that difficult child needs a "break" from stims as when he is on them for an extended period of time he gets more anxious, his appetite diminishes quite a bit, and he gets some Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) like behavior. This happens after several months, and if he is taken off the stims for a week or two and then put back on them they help again and the bad behavior is gone. This does not make much sense as stims are supposed to be a 24hr medication. psychiatrist said he has seen that before with other medications like daytrana, and while it is not common and does not make sense, difficult children do not always make sense now do they?
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    Don't you love it when a nice comment just sort of trickles down from the sky? It's those little validations that just make your day!


    Going to Chuck E. Cheese if my sister would get her butt in gear - I'm stuck here with 5 difficult child's who have been waiting for 45 mins and even I'm about to scream!!!!

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    CM30- I love that. husband and I were talking about this sort of thing the other day, people always tell us how good K and N are?!
    They are good/great kids, but I think because our kids have such intense issues a lot of us are maybe stricter, more structured and more hands on than a lot of parents. So while WE still see the issues and our kids still have tons of issues... they are usually "better" than kids who just have parents that don't "parent"! Know what I mean??
    Or in other words just plain brats! LOL
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    Oh and Beth! You are crazy!!! I have yet to go to Chucky Cheese... my kids get over stimmed just walking outside on some days!!!

    You are a brave woman...
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    Wow. Nice comment. I can imagine how surprised you are.
    Best of luck with-the medications. I know how hard they are to figure out.