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    even when maybe I shouldn't. thank you is a riot. Seems his recent cashflow (not a lot, a few bucks here and there) is due to some conniving. He and his friends will buy each other something at lunch here and there. No big deal. But thank you has a few kids who give him trouble. He maneuvers and offers to buy them something and they can pay him back tomorrow. He charges then 100% interest per day starting the second day.

    How does he get them to pay this?

    He told one or two of them to go and ask about his older brother and things Wiz did. One came back and paid extra interest with-o thank you saying anything. When thank you went to give the extra back, the kid wouldn't take it. Seems his older bro ran afoul of Wiz and spent about a month with NOTHING in his world going right. Wiz was NEVER caught, but had that smile that let the kid know that somehow, someway, Wiz was behind it.

    I shouldn't laugh. But seriously, it takes some skill and a bit of stealth to pull off what Wiz has. (The local Walmart followed him every second he was in the store for four years and could not prove he did anything wrong. But. . . .

    It takes REAL masterminding to do nothing and have them fear you. LOLOL.

    If these kids were ones who were not bullies, I probably would tell thank you to knock it off. But they ARE bullies and in my opinion this is self defense.

    Tonight he told me his plan that would generate enough energy to fuel us for then next few million years. The up side is the sheer amt of power it would generate. The down side? Well, it would destroy 2/3 of the universe.

    It isn't like we are using those parts anyway, is it? Seems he was up near the driver for the music competition today and one of his friends said that, and the driver almost wrecked the bus because he was laughing so hard.

    Scary thing is that I think thank you problem could create what he needs o do it in a decade or two.
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    Creative soul, isn't he? LOL