He ran out in front of a special needs bus!

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  1. This morning my son ran out in front if a special needs bus. The bus of course stopped and my son was smiling and laughing AS IF THIS WAS A FUNNY THING TO DO! I now will have to hold his hand at the bus stop the whole time while he and his brother and I are at the stop.

    The bus was not his but the bus for the child across the street from us. I think it is so weird how he did this at the exact moment that the bus goes into a dip and slows down automatically (so that that the passengers and drive do not get jolted). HE WAS JUST SO SCARY when he did this. I am not sure what is driving him to do this-impulsivity I guess. He will lose his DS and video games through the week until Saturday. I am so concerned that I was telling hubby we should be medicating him earlier so that his school day starts smoother than this.
    I am so sad he chose to put his life in danger even though he really made a concentrated effort to do it when the bus would be slowing down and the bus was a house and a half away but still! UGH!!!
  2. Sometimes I wonder if the Seroquel (to counteract the Vyvanse he takes in the morning) he takes to sleep at night is responsible for this impulsive behavior.
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    I doubt it's the Seroquel. It's supposed to HELP with impulsivity for people with mood disorders, albeit at a therapeutic level, which it may not be for your son if he's only taking it to help with sleep. My difficult child 2 takes Seroquel XR and it has helped him tremendously with his impulse control and aggression. I hope you let his psychiatrist know about the bus incident. The fact that he was laughing about the situation sounds a bit like hypomania to me.
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    Has he ever been asssessed by a neuropsychologist?

    I'm thinking his odd behavior and seemingly inability to tell he was endangering himself, along with his speech delay and other diagnoses (plus his strange response to almost getting hit) make me think he could be on the spectrum. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but it's not the end of the world and he does have a lot of red flags there. ADHD medications didn't really do anything for him and made him kind of mean and aggressive. I think more may be going on than has been diagnosed.

    Was he exposed to drugs in utero? I think he was, but I forgot.

    When my son was on Seroquel it made him mostly sleepy.

    Hope that doesn't happen again! That's frigteneing! However, my own child, now sixteen, once used to do odd things like that and thought it was funny. He once had no impulse control and thought the strangest things were funny.
  5. No Midwest Mom, we are still waiting for his neuropsychologist appointment. I am so eagerly waiting for it, hoping it will explain so much!