He said he's going to sleep and dying :(

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Confused, Nov 11, 2013.

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    Well... he got up great, finished icing his cake for practice ( scouts) got dressed and by that time was fixing his backpack that he didnt fix yesterday. He always changes his mind the next morning anyway what he wants how how he wants it. So and by that time it was time to go to school and he was taking his time- sooooo slow.. well my dad had to pick up another child for school so he left and my son blew! Came back a few times, last time other child was in the car and he threatened he would punch everyone. Son still wouldnt get in car so my dad left and my son is blowing slamming doors yelling police out his window saying he's gonna kill himself :( He was perfect for my grandpa Sat night all Sunday ( told me to Shutup etc tho behind my grandpas back where my grandpa couldn't hear him.) Of course no medications taken this morning so far....My grandpa was gonna buy him a new scooter today because he was doing so well and today my grandfather said he's not. Hopefully he sticks with it even if he goes to school late.

    After he's done with his tantrums he never apologizes unless forced too... like he's not sorry and sees he did nothing wrong or if he does see it, blames it all on us!!! We caused him to do it!!! He thinks of other people like buying them icecream, giving toys etc. Its so weird.. I cant wait until more testing is done because theres no way this is just ADHD AND SLEEP ISSUES!!!!

    I know kids say their gong to die or kill themselves and dont mean it or understand it... I pray my son does not mean it... keeping close eye on him...

    Wish I had some help now in the mornings because if I was working ID be fired for always late!!!! If I switch him to public I looked up truant officer- cant force kids to go...I saw school police and regular police and they sometimes can get them depending. The cop (when my son called a while back) said he cant force my son to go to school not his jurisdiction. Ugggh I remember I went being drug to school ( issue with teacher) and oh did I hate that!!! And my family for that!!!One hour/ two hours just not enough time to get him going!!!!!!
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    Hey...calm down. It is very rare that a child is age kills himself, but, yes, it is troubling to hear it.

    I forgot..is your kiddo seeing a therpist?
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    Im calm... just venting as usual. No, I was waiting for a referral from the Dr this month. My Aunt told my grandpa to send him to a state home or give custody to his dad... grandpa agrees. But my daughter doesn't want to go with her dad and their dad will go for both.. just as I want my kids home with me. My son says he doesnt want to live with him either. Has to be a Monday huh and with added Christmas shopping ughhh!
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    Hon, you don't give your son to anybody unless you feel it is in the best interests of him, you and your daughter. And you hang in there. The referral will eventually come through. (((Hugs)))!
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    In the meantime, I am starting to have my doubts that Adderall is the best fit medication for your little one. How do you think it's working? When you said "Of course no medications taken this morning so far" did you mean he was refusing to take them or you just hadn't given them yet? With my difficult child, I would give him the medications an hour before he wakes up, if I could...since he won't go for that, I bring them down with a beverage when I wake him in the mornings. First hour is unbelievable then it calms down.
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    Hang in there Confused.

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    Sending gentle hugs your way.
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    Those sleep issues... that alone could cause most of the behavior issues. There's a reason why sleep deprivation is one of the most common forms of torture.
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    MidwestMom, I want my "lil" ones with me no matter... I just dont see where I could live without them here! I know, one day they will go to College and move out, yes, I will miss them, but thats the only reason I would be ok with them going! Ok, marriage etc haha but not because of the problems. Your right my choice :)

    Castle Queen, I know, Im so confused on how or how well these medications are working! Both pills he hasnt taken solidly since the day we got the perscriptions either because he was sick ( vomiting) or he was in a tantrum. He is actually fine with taking them but annoyed its 3 times day ( clonidine broken up 3 times). Do I think Adderall is working, Teacher said he is a little better every week with trying and doing his work, esp the week he was on it solid... h.w. has been a little more but still not all the time or still takes 2-4 hours to complete. Work should only take 30 min- 45 min. Im confused on it. Some morning are bad some are good- he is like a light switch his attitude. Glad you found a way for your son to take them quickly.

    LittleDudesMom and Wiped Out- Thank you so much :) Im trying and hugs!

    InsaneCdn,The sleeping pills, he is not hyper like he used to be ( maybe adderall too?) still has some trouble sleeping and can sleep 12 hours a night some nights ( same before the pills) But getting up, tossing and turning.. about same maybe a lil better? i hear ya about sleep issues and will see the eeg results I believe next week!
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    That is a quality of sleep issue rather than quantity. He's getting the "hours" but not the "restorative" sleep, and it may well be that the days that are worse are because the sleep the night before was worse too. It sure was for us.
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    I havent been on the forum for a while, so I dont know your story...
    I found it interesting that he had a meltdown after your dad left to pick up the other child...this made me wonder about Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)....because with my son something like this would cause him to misinterpret the situation....My son would think his grandpa left him behind....he will miss school....anxiety raising sky high!= meltdown..... My youngest son was taking Strattera forADHD....he woke up2-3 times a night! He became very moody and tearfull because of sleep deprevation (lol, mommy too!)...since we stopped the medications, he is sleeping through nicely:)
    Hope you get your answers soon!