He went this morning


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I missed a call at 6am this morning from the County Jail, they left a voice mail telling me my son had been transported to prison today, and had left my name as the person to collect his property.

All I have to do is go to the Huber entrance, and have a photo ID.

I'm hyperventilating.

Ok not really, but my heart kinda feels like it could jump right outta my chest.

I knew this was coming - it's been six weeks since the sentencing. But somehow, the recorded voice in my phone sounding so matter-of-fact....

Well, I didn't realize I would need to go pick up his stuff. So there's that.

Breathe. Pray. Repeat.

Asking for cyber hugs today, my friends!


Been thinking of you pony that sounds like an awful thing to have to do you have my prayers and hugs and I'm hopeful for you I have so enjoyed your response to my post I feel so sorry for you but I'm glad to hear from you keep us posted

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OH Pony...a huge hug for you...my eyes burned as I read...how difficult to get a recording...I wouldn't have thought about having to get his things either.
Here's hoping this stint will get him straight---but TODAY do everything you can for YOU. Know our hearts are with you...there really aren't words (though I
tried to make some) Prayers.


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What a tough call to get, and what a tough task you have ahead of you. Please bring someone with you to the jail for moral support. Then, go do something on the way back home to distract yoruself.. a nice meal out somewhere. And maybe a margarita :)



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Sorry for your agony.

I tell myself that this is all in God's plan for my son. We cannot change the course of what he has in store for our children.

That is what I think of when I feel panic rushing over me. It gives me peace and hopefully it can give you some peace too!


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I also firmly believe this is their life plan. Only they can change the direction. I remember so many weekends spend driving 2 hours there, 2 hours home, in heavy traffic to visit my son. He was sentenced to 18 months rehab TWICE and still was arrested for selling pot last year. My son will be 38 in July and is still so immature, he has just joined a punk band when most people are thinking about retirement. Not to dis musicians!

I thought I would go insane. Find a hobby and keep yourself busy. There is nothing you can do, they have to learn their lessons. Hopefully one day they will lead a better path!



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Just lending my support and a cyber hug! My son hasn't been to prison, but the county jail experience was enough to rock me to the core for a while. Wishing the best for you and that you can find some peace and distraction.


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Thank you fellow warrior parents! Your kindness and heartfelt compassion has lifted me up, today.

I have asked my husband to go pick up GFG31's belongings, he works in the same town as the county jail. I called the jail to ask if that was acceptable, but could only leave a message and have not yet heard an answer. I'm going to just send husband there anyway, see what happens.



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What an awful way to find out and without warning, which makes it worse. I know those feelings are overwhelming, but they will ebb. Everything with our children is ebb and flow, the tide comes in and it goes back out again. When those feelings recede, take solace in the fact that there is nothing you can do, it is out of your hands, and you can let go for the time being and focus on yourself. It is in his hands for now, to learn from his choices or not. And just like him, it is your choice how to move forward from here. You can do this.