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    First off, the apt for difficult child psychiatric testing got moved from Aug 3 to Aug 8, 1 week countdown.

    Next, difficult child started this neck roll/stretch thing. It started last wednesday I noticed, but I first thought it was an attitude head thing, i only noticed it when he was talking back or fighting. Then I started to notice it more and more. it looks really weird and like something is wrong with him, he opens his mouth and kind pushes his neck out and to the side, almost like he wants to crack his neck. he can go awhile without doing it and sometimes its back to back. all of my family and friends noticed it at a party and started asking me about it. I ended up asking difficult child about it after the party. I asked why he was doing that with his neck, did it hurt? he said "I cant help it, if i dont do it, my neck stings" I said ok, well if it really hurts you I want you to tell me. havent said a thing to him about it since and he is still doing it. i think its a tic but not sure what to do about it. My easy child had a eye blinking and fist clenching tic when she was almost 2 and pedi told me it was a mild form of tourettes. YIKES!! it only lasted a few months and it went away.

    My concern is now turned to difficult child, should i be concerned, should i call pedi or should i wait and tell psychiatric dr next week? is there any connection with tics and behavior problems.
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    Hi Amy,

    The neck roll thing might be torticollis.

    National Spasmodic Torticollis Association - NSTA www.torticollis.org/
    The mission of the National Spasmodic Torticollis Association is to support the needs and well being of affected individuals and families, ...

    Hope this helps
    Free Kittens
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    FUnny you say that, he had torticollis and plagiocephaly as a baby, had to do stretching on him constantly and he had a helmet to reshape his skull. hhmmm but when i looked on the site it (very quickly i might add) the people seemed to be a in constant state of neck bend. I dunno, i will look more into the site.

    thank you
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    i wish i could post a video of it to show what it looks like. after looking at tourettes and motor tics, those were all a jerking movements. his isnt, its a slow movement.
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    Since he said that his neck does sting, and he does this to ease that sting, it may be just that - kinda like the need to crack knuckles or cracking your neck. So the question is why does his neck sting? Check with the pediatrician, and possibly a referral to a neurologist.