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    I got shots in my head again yesterday! I know, it sounds like a strange thing to be happy about, but I am. My pain doctor did it to help stop the tension headaches and the awful migraine-tension headache - migraine cycle that I get stuck in. One leads to the other, and around and around and around. He puts steroids and some lidocaine-type medication into the tissue around the occipital nerves on either side of my head. I had them done at 11 am yesterday and am just getting some of the feeling back in that area. It helps for about 4-5 weeks, sometimes more. With my headache history, he can do them every 4-8 weeks. It sure beats having to take more medications orally each time I have a headache.

    These are called Occipital Nerve Blocks, and if you have migraines, tension headaches, or other frequent headaches, you may want to ask your doctor about them. I don't know if you need a pain doctor, but your reg doctor or neuro would know. There is NO woozy, stoned feeling, few side effects, just a lot of relief.
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    WOW - so glad you have some relief.....how is Jess? What did you find out from the tests?