Headed back to school this morning...

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by KTMom91, Mar 12, 2011.

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    ...after a breakup with the sorta boyfriend last night. I swear, she can't make it through a week at home without making somebody mad at her, besides us, I mean. I'm not sure what happened this time, apparently she told somebody something, the somebody told the sorta boyfriend, he got mad, she went running off at the mouth like she does, and he decided he didn't want to deal with her and her drama any longer.

    She had a bunch of homework to do (that she didn't do), a bunch of laundry to do (that I'm not sure if she finished), no money left after having to pay for her dr appointment for a medication refill (that my enabler mother gave her money for), and she was PO'd at me all week for being sick, because I'm ALWAYS sick (according to my enabler mother).

    It was like pulling teeth to get her to do anything to help out, but I finally managed to get her to empty the dishwasher once. She complained about the cats, the dog, having no insurance, the high cost of gas, and that I hadn't been grocery shopping, among other things. She whined about not having any money, and I guess my mom gave her more money, because my mom was complaining about giving Miss KT money. When I said I don't, I got "I know you don't and that's why I have to." Um, why do you have to? She's working part-time, plus gets a monthly amount from her trust. She just needs to stop going shopping the minute she gets any money, and start learning to eat cafeteria food instead of going to Jack in the Box.

    It was a really long week, and I am so not looking forward to this summer.
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    I'm sorry hon. Hopefully she'll mature some more before summer. Or decide to take summer classes.