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    didn't want to make it dramatic and write e.r. lol.

    husband and i are sitting there talking when he got in and my hands are blow up, the veins in them, legs are burning, visions totally blurred for a while, been feeling so fatigued.

    i said you know what it's time to go. maybe all they'll do is run some blood work, another lyme test, etc, maybe do a test to see if i have a blood clot yet husband said well it's worth it you can't last till may 6th mri appointment like this.

    waiting on difficult child to fall asleep than i'm leaving and he'll stay home with-her. heres' hoping they figure it out
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    How did it go?
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    what's up?
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    Update please!!
  5. Jena

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    hi sorry was there for hours... they wanted to give me medications via my iv for the pain i said no thanks i'll take aspirin. i drove myself there. long story short as per usual my bloods came back normal as they did last time. they didnt' test for anymore auto immune's. the lyme will be in in a few days they'll call me with results. i was dehydrated so they gave me a bag.

    wasn't expecting a diagnosis from them, i wanted blood run so that's what i got. no infection in my blood at all. he said wait for lyme to return then go to the mri you have scheduled that should give some answers....... lol. so if you look at my bloods alone they come out great i look like the picture of health.... until my legs start to burn, i loose my balance, my vision goes blurry and my knees swell and my hands at night. he said it's either in the bones or it's an auto immune disease no one's hit yet.

    best is i walk in house is a wreck, i mean a wreck and husband is in our room away from kids laying on bed watching t.v. did absolutely nothing all day. just let kids sit in den, eat junk and trash house. tell me again how lucky i am and how i should adore this man?????? oh yea and in his usual nasty monday mood. woke him up today at 11 said honey please wake up so i can go, leave me alone your a pain is what i got, just go.

    great thanks lol. did i mention the dr. was scary adorable? we are talking like majorly hot. that was about the best thing outta my 7 hour e.r. visit :)

    so got in, cleaned up house, planted husband, making dinner easy child is coming over for dinner. she emailed and asked. later i'll grab shower.
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    Maybe husband needed a day to "do his thing" as he absorbs all the changes, too. Yeah, I know, I stand up for the guy but I think he feels and reacts inside. Hope you're feeling better. easy child didn't wait long to ask for a visit, did she? It should be interesting.
    Good luck. DDD
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    yes you do lol. so i calmed down, wound up that wasn't it at all.

    she never showed by the way. difficult child stood there at window so excited 6 came and 6:30 came, and by 7 we knew she wasn't showing. no call, no email just didnt' show up.

    so i told difficult child please this has nothing to do with you, i know your sad i am too yet just remember easy child isnt' making good choice for herself right now so she def. isn't giong Occupational Therapist (OT) care what she does to us. i hugged her than after dinner went into my bathroom and cried for ten minutes.

    i missed my new therapy today due to getting the blood.glad i got the blood done i'll find out about the lymes' yet could of used the thearpy to be honest.
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    Jena, one thing you did learn, is to not tell difficult child that easy child is coming over. This way you can avoid the whole waiting and never showing up feeling. I hope you find some news about your blood work!
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    I agree. If and when easy child shows up (and who knows what mood she'll be in unfortunately) difficult child can adapt to the situation. Unmet anticipations are hard on everyone but especially difficult child's. Believe me I vividly recall when Ex was coming to get the kids, they were dressed and ready waiting out front in anticipation...and then no call, no show. I decided not to tell them in advance. It saved a whole lot of heartbreak. DDD
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    your right i'm slowly learning........ thanks guys :)

    long story short she did show up 2 hours late. so i sat her down and reminded her of the rules when you "visit" someone, because that's what this is now visiting. she himmed and complained a bit said i just gota ride do i need to try and get another ride to leave? can i just stay for a bit and talk to you guys? so once i planted her nicely i said ok.

    she spent time with difficult child talking about junk. than spent time talking to me. told me how she' been fishing alot with her friends almost everyday it's peaceful by the water, what she saw etc. than how she loved me, thought long and hard and decided to set up mtg. with her dean and try to make her own plan on how to graduate, a bunch of stuff. all sounded good let's see what she does. she clearly was unnerved i think she missed dinner because she couldn't handle dinner.

    she didn't know what room to go into was bouncing about etc. she didn't get to see husband he was running around at store. anyway it was good to see her, she wants to go with us on easter also to my step father's house. i'm not telling difficult child about it. just giving her a time to show up and than it's up to her if she shows.