Heading into the fight over the hospital bill

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jan 22, 2008.

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    I am heading in to a fight with the hospital where my surgery was done. The care I received was so very horrible, so much below the standard of care ANYWHERE, that I really have a hard time agreeing to pay anything above my deductible. I did NOT ask for a private room, in fact specified that I didn't want one because the extra fee.

    If I have not received an itemized bill I will be going there next week and will demand one yet again.

    I hate this. Why can't they just uphold the contracts with my insurance, and do what they were supposed to??

    Oh well.

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    :money: Thats why!


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    Hi! First, make sure that all of the bills actually hit your insurance carrier. Then, you can actually talk to the insurance company and THEY can send a "cease & desist" letter for charges above and beyond their agreed upon pay schedule.

    Since you were given a private room due to availability (or lack thereof of a semiprivate), tell the insurance company and they will recompense the hospital based on the agreed upon price. Again, let the insurance company know that the hospital is in violation of the contract.

    Make sure you pull this puppy out when you're talking to the hospital:

    "I need YOUR name, could you spell that please, ok, and now the name of your supervisor, could you spell that please, ok, now the CEO of the hospital, could you spell that please. I just want to have all of the information available. Once I hang up with you, I'm contacting the AMA and the State Department of Insurance to file a formal complaint. I also intend to contact (insert name here) of (pick one: NBC, CBS, ABC or FOX) for an investigation about illegal billing practices of hospitals."
    Thanks for your time!

    Have fun susiestar! We're rooting for you!

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    Star* call 911........call 911

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    Well, I hope you get them to straighten things out.

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    I did ask my insurance why they were billing me so much, insurance is telling them off. I contacted billing again and requested the itemized bill, I am quite sure it will have things on it that I did not get. That will be fun.

    I contacted the CEO of the hospital and spoke with a rep about the terrible care I got 0 nurses REFUSED to call the doctor to get pain medications increased, and his orders were specific in how to increase them and how to contact him. Also many other things, like refusing to give migraine medications, beinge terribly rude, rolling eyes at me when I askd for pain medications or different muscle relaxers - the one they gave me was NOT the one I saw the doctor write orders for (I asked to see the orders he wrote before the surgery), and many other things.

    I will pulverize somebody, or call "In Your Corner" the investigative team that handles consumer issues in our area. This hospital is one of the "top 100 in america" they surely don't want any publicity about my care!!!!!

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    Sorry to hear that you are going to battle with the hospital & insurance...never pleasant. Hopefully your voice will be heard & things will turn out on the good side for you!!!!!!!