heading to lancaster 2morrow

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    with my Mom and a raging difficult child II, wish me luck! I am just going to buy pickled eggs and beets, LOL

    My DOD (Dear old Dad) is staying home with difficult child I, which could be interesting. There are still two condoms in the box under his bed, whew... LOL

    difficult child II has been getting worse not better, and we decided we have to take him. He is intrigued to see amish people. I am a bit worried at what he might say to them, LOL, he is not shy.

    I know it will not be the same with him with us, but we will make do, we always do, or I wouldn't have any life.

    S2BX has not called for two weeks, difficult child II is upset about this, and I am worried. My counselor had me on the mat this past session about my feelings for S2BX. It was an emotionally exhausting hour. It came down to: I love the man, he loves me, but it is not healthy for me or my kids to be with him anymore.
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    thank you for the site I will check it out!

    I did not do too bad, LOL:shopping:

    2 jars of pickled eggs
    2 jars of baby beets
    1 jar of lemon curd
    1 jar of strawberry rhubarb jam (for S2BX's mom)
    1 jar of peanut butter schmeir
    1 loaf of cinnamon bread
    1 pack of sticky buns
    1 bag of white choc covered pretzels (for difficult child I)
    1 pack of molasses cookies (for my Dad)
    just for me - my Mother's day gifts 2 myself, LOL:
    2 pairs of sketchers ($60)
    3 quacker factory t-shirts with matching bag & new b-suit (all for $30) - love my QVC outlet!!!
    a plaque that says: "I do not suffer from stress, I am just a carrier" ($5)
    new coasters ($5)
    other stuff:
    Nautica B-suit/Nike hat - for my Dad for father's day ($32)
    Nike air jordan t-shirt - for difficult child I's birthday ($15)
    difficult child II
    new GB game ($20) - the peace it brought for 2 hours - priceless!
    one amish yo-yo ($3)- he smashed it to bits in a mid day rage today
    light up yo-yo ($4)
    new nike hat ($12)
    children's book about amish people ($7)
    pretzels, candy, cookies, roasted nuts, brownie etc etc etc

    OK maybe a little bad, but my Mom bought triple what I did LOL, my Dad may not let her ever go back!:bigsmile:
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    Do you ever go to Lititz to the Wilbur Bud factory?
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    I was looking at a brochure for Lititiz, it looks really nice, maybe next round, I could stay out there a week and still not cover everywhere, plus I would go broke for sure, LOL