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Our daughter will be turning 18 in five months. I believe she can stay on our insurance for quite sometime after turning 18. But, I want to make sure we are not responsible for her copays and balances.

How did other people handle this? Do you just notify the medical provider and have your child moved to their own account?



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I think if you keep her on your insurance you are in fact stuck with co-pays etc. that is the problem of the 'guarantor'. At least that is what happened with us..we got stung for several ambulance rides and emergency room visits that weren't necessary. But you should check with your insurance company.


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This question has come up before on this forum and I don't recall if we ever came to a consensus on it.

As for myself, when my adult kids were on my insurance, I was not liable for their bills or copays.

I don't know if it varies by state on what a parent can legally be held responsible for. I know that, for example, in the state I currently live in a person can be held liable for their spouses medical bills even if they are not on the same policy until the day of divorce. Other states laws say that a person cannot be forced to pay the medical bills of another adult regardless of their marital status.

I would ask the insurance company what their policy is but also look up your state's laws.


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I know my insurance covers our son - I believe the cut-off is 26 (maybe 24). However, his bills came in his name. I paid them...but they were not in my name.

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The law is they can stay on your insurance until they are 26. As for the co-pays and other out of pocket expenses, I believe if they are in her name they are her responsibility. It is my understanding that unless you sign something saying you are the guarantor then you will not be responsible. You might call your insurance company or Dr. office to make sure.


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Well, I can tell you this: Oldest stayed on my insurance after she turned 18, and the bills were in her name. I called the providers and made sure they knew to move the accounts into her name, since she was now over 18, despite still being on my insurance. All of them did that. There were a fair number of bills she didn't pay and simply ignored, and I got occasional calls from collection agencies looking for her (because she listed me as her emergency contact). But, I was never liable for any of them as far as I know, and none of them showed up on my credit report. The warrants in debt that showed up on the court website were all in her name.

That was my experience in my state. Of course, that was also a long time ago.. she's almost 32.
Tanya M is correct. It comes down to whether you sign anything stating you are the guarantor. That's at hospitals, doctors, etc. I received bills for my daughter in my name cause the hospital and Dr had my info in the system. I called and had it changed reminding them I may cover her on insurance but I certainly was not there to sign to pay.

And I've also received collection calls on her medical debt too. But only cause my contact info was her account, not because I was liable.


My son has accumulated a few thousand dollars worth of medical bills under our insurance. He is currently in jail so no payments are being made by him. I'm glad to read that I (hopefully) won't be responsible for them.