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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, May 30, 2011.

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    Anyone know why I would vomit almost every time I have a bowel movement? I don't have symptoms of obstruction or even constipation. I can find nothing in my diet that would cause this, though I did up my fiber intake and water intake thinking it might be part of it. Actually, not water intake, fluid intake. drinking water is an immediate trip to worship at the porcelain altar. Which annoys me greatly.

    Any ideas/suggestions appreciated. I did do a "cleanout" with miralax and benefiber a couple of weeks ago, but it didn't help at all. In addition to the other problems, I do have IBS also. It isn't the virus, because it has been going on for about two-three months and the virus is on about day 12 for me. No one else in the family has this either.

    Sorry if this is too gross. I just am sick of barfing.
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    Interesting. My big ??? is the fact that I don't have pain with the stools. occasional gas cramping, but the fiber really keeps thing fairly normal and pain free. This is why the upset stomach has me really confused. I could understand it if there was pain, but there isn't. I just suddenly start upchucking. It is driving me nuts.

    Thanks for the link though, I really appreciate it. I have managed to manage the IBS for decades with no other medications than occasional antacids, gas x, and occasionally a few weeks of prilosec. Scopes done a few years back showed no current problems except a lot of scarring from medications taken in my teens (rx'd by a really BAD doctor but we didn't know he was bad - the treatment matched the diagnosis he gave, but he faked xrays, etc... to substantiate the diagnosis to write a journal article - learned this when it was too late to file a lawsuit, grrrr.)
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    I have IBS, too, and often feel nauseous before a BM. However, I haven't vomited - wanted to, but haven't. Interesting, that I, too, can't drink water without it coming back up.
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    Suz, it could be that eating right for it is why you don't have the same pain some of them do. There's a lot of overlap in symptoms between IBS/IBD Crohn's, U.C., etc. It's where I would start looking is things like that, then things that mimic it.
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    I'm thinking possible partial upper bowel obstruction.

    Would account for you being able to "go" yet still having the symptoms. And people with IBS can have those issues. I'd give the fam doctor a call and talk to the NP or RN and see if you should be seen to make sure. After what I watched mother in law me, you don't want to risk a "possible partial" becoming a total.

    Honestly, I would let doctor check it out to be on the safe side. Then if that's not it, you can talk about other possibilities.
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    I agree with Lisa, call your Dr or be seen. It's been going on too long not to warrant a visit.
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    I agree with the others - time to Call The Doctor.

    Is it vomiting or regurgitation? Do you get a lot of nausea, drooling, etc? Or do you suddenly just throw up and then it's over?

    It makes me think of structural problems - a hiatal hernia maybe. When you have a BM the exertion of the muscles involved can produce a lot of pressure throughout the trunk. If you had a hernia that was catching some food the pressure when you have a BM might be causing it to come back up.

    Does not sound like IBD. In general (knowing the exception makes the rule) vomiting with IBD would be due to intestinal blockage or medication reaction or gastroparesis (slow movement of food through stomach). IBD would normally be accompanied by other systemic symptoms (fevers, weight loss, anemia) that would persist globally as well as things like bloody stools, uncontrollable diarrhea, pain with eating, etc.

    This is good news. You do not want to have IBD.

    Hope it turns out to be something simple or goes away on it's own.
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    Definitely needs investigation. it could be as simple as a weak sphincter on entry to the stomach - you strain, and stomach contents get pushed back up. But if it is (whatever it is), you need to get it checked.