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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Lothlorien, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Lothlorien

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    I've been trying to eat healthy the past few weeks, making some subtle changes, like trying ground turkey vs. hamburger. I made tacos last week with it and although it wasn't bad, it was strange-looking, which made it weird to eat.

    So, I was making my Escarole and Bean Soup today and I always put mini meatballs in the soup. I decided to cheat and use 1/3 ground meatloaf mix(ground pork, veal and hamburger) to 2/3 turkey. They came out really well! They looked normal too.

    Anyone else have any "Healthy Cheating" tips to offer?
  2. witzend

    witzend Well-Known Member

    You can add Browning Sauce to turkey to make it a more appetizing color. Also, good no-stick pans that need very little oil to cook in helps, as well as grilling meat instead of frying helps.
  3. SRL

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    Drat, another food thread. I thought by the subject line we were going to be talking about Raoul.
  4. timer lady

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    Ground turkey hasn't gone over well here. I'll mix the turkey with either half lean ground beef or with lean ground pork. I find myself using ground pork more & more.

    It's really hard to overcome the "dryness" of the turkey.

    Good luck finding other substitutes - I'll have to give it some more thought.
  5. SRL

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    I haven't had much luck incorporating turkey into recipes we've been familiar with. Much better luck with finding new ones. My kids like this burger recipe much better than regular burgers. I substitute garlic powder for the fresh to make it easier.
  6. TerryJ2

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    Drat, another food thread. I thought by the subject line we were going to be talking about Raoul.

  7. Jen

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    Dietiing doesnt go with-o increase cost but I would also use 4.5 gm fat only Hamburger. Of course ate alot of chicken. Healthy choice ham, spaghetti sauce, , adn love no sugar added smuckers jelly on wheat toast.

  8. scent of cedar

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    A food thread!


    I had my heart set on something spicier, too!

  9. tinamarie1

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    lol......are our minds in the gutter or what?! I thought the same thing when I read the title of this post.
    As for ground turkey, bleck bleck pooo...I couldn't handle the texture, I am weird like that.
    As for Raoul...Im not sure but I bet he's wayyy yummmeee
  10. Big Bad Kitty

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    I'm guesing he is hot.

    But maybe he's not! I'm thinking we're not so picky here on this board...