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    Nichole couldn't stand the silent treatment anymore. She called her on her cell like twice.....finally left a message. lol She called Nichole back, they chatted a bit, made arrangements for Nichole to pick them up for Brandon's 2nd birthday party tomorrow. Only real info Nichole found out was that kayla now has her glasses and oddly enough she LOVES them. Go figure.

    Nichole figured since katie had contacted her she'd contact me. Told her I doubted it. I only hear from katie these days when she wants/needs something. And last few times I've heard from them at all was stupid M calling me over the computer the shelter let him have.......until I stopped answering the phone. There are only so many ways to say no travis will not help you fix it, no you're not loading my vista or windows 7 onto it......why? because I bought and paid for it duh. So I stopped answering the phone. ugh

    Two days later up pops a mail from Katie.......this after she told Nichole they don't have access to the shelter computer anymore. Thinking M caused some issue with it.

    She tells me Kayla got her glasses just fine. Her mouth is better and that 2nd dentist said she has to go to an oral surgeon for the removal of the rest as her roots are overly long. Said Kayla got the Good Apple award at school for being caught doing something good for someone and asked if I'd watch for her in the paper. I will but katie won't get the article, I'll save it for kayla.

    Then came the I'm so worried I'm not sleeping/eating bit. M has been trying so hard to find work. Notice she does not say SHE has been looking for work. phht

    And the reason I got the mail?

    Their exit date is the 27th. Now how did I see that coming?? Didn't need a premonition for that one.

    And all should be well cuz M is gonna look even harder for work. omg :sigh: I'm sorry. The man is a felon. The charge is burglary and I believe it was armed. No one in this area will touch him with a ten foot pole. Now back 10 yrs ago when background checks were rare......... But not now when even Mc D's does a background check. In this area especially? He doesn't stand a chance. It will literally take a miracle. That would be if he was actually trying, which of course he isn't at all.

    Travis' friend who volunteers out at the shelter keeps us updated. Katie and M won't leave the shelter unless forced to do so. Says all there is to say.

    So they went in there, did what they always do. Her playing/not playing sick doing the victim deal......him being the overgrown kid hyper focusing on computers even if one is not available. Neither at all concerned for the future until they're told an exit date.

    I though perhaps the shelter would pad that a bit due to weather. I'm guessing they would have if either Katie or M had shown any real effort.

    So I wrote her back. Told her glad kayla finally got her glasses, glad her mouth felt better. Told her that the library where Nichole is at is having a Princess Party on the 17th and husband and I would like to take kayla so she can dress up and go with Aubrey. Told her that I got Alex's letter for school asking us to sponsor him in some thingie or another and yes we'll scrape up some cash and buy a magazine as will his aunts and maybe even Travis. Told her I'd like to help the kids get into Scouts....including Evan....as I know here at least they make special effort for low income kids to always be included as Nichole was in it for a few years and she loved it.....and nana and papa could help some if needed. Told her that as soon as I'm well her and I are going to lunch together ALONE to talk, visit whatever. (actually this is for that Momma talk)

    Only thing I said about the exit date? I asked if the shelter has some sort of plan in place.

    She was informed when she went into this shelter that all shelters in this state communicate with each other. In ohio you're not allowed to just go from shelter to shelter to shelter. Understandable as there are people who do just that and never leave the shelter situation. She's been in 2 ohio shelters since what November? Before that the St. Louis shelter. She was told entering this shelter no other would take her.

    Katie and family will not come here. I will not go pick up their things from the shelter. If I go pick up their things from the shelter even to bring them here to store it will appear to shelter staff they have somewhere to go, which they don't. I want that fact clear with shelter staff. I will not pick them up from the shelter on that date or even a date close to it, same reason. On the 27th I will be totally unavailable. The entire family will be unavailable.

    As for the grands............ I'd like to say I'll take them. There is a part of me that very much wants to take them and give them the life they deserve to have. Then there is reality which I've been forced to face the past 10 days.

    I have chronic renal failure, the past almost 2 yrs the condition has deteriorated considerably, not that it was that great before. I've already had one heart attack most likely caused by the renal failure. I came down with a resp bug about 10 or more days ago. I can't throw it. My kidneys are giving me major issues due to it. There have been at least 2 nights when 911 should have been called......only I didn't have the presence of mind to make that call or even wake husband to make that call. Nights are the worst. I have slept maybe a total of 6-8 hrs in those 10 or more days, regardless of how much time I spend in the bed. Not all due to coughing.....or swelling up so bad I can't breathe....but raging fevers and night sweats don't help.

    This bug has forced me once again to take a long hard look at my own mortality. How would I cope with being that sick with 3 kids in the house, 2 of which are very needy difficult children? My condition is not going to get better it's going to get worse. husband is 63 in April. He does his best to pick up the slack especially if kids are in the house.......but he is old and tired and well c'mon he's lazy. ugh He's a heart attack waiting to happen and when it hits he won't survive.

    easy child has moved back into her small starter home in order to remove her family from her manipulative mother in law's clutches. She no longer has room to take in 3 more kids. They barely fit themselves.

    I don't know what will come out of my mouth when that call comes. Family is everything to me. I'm hoping since this illness my brain overrules my heart. I would hate to have the kids come here, get settled and then have to be moved into foster care. Yet the thought of them being tossed into the system makes my soul ache. I know there are many good foster homes out there. I also know in this area there are many many more very bad ones. They are all overwhelmed.

    If the shelter does not do a transfer to another shelter, and I'm really thinking they don't given what they told her during admission, katie will lose her children on the 27th. You can't be homeless and keep your kids.

    This is why family won't be there to pick them or their things up. I want the shelter to know they have no where to go. I want cps called in immediately. It is time for this to stop for the grands whether they go into foster care or come stay here.

    This all on top of Nichole teetering on the edge of walking away from boyfriend forever. If she does there is nowhere else for her to go but here and she's been told the door will always be open to her and Aubrey. I can do that with no guilt. Nichole is not Katie.

    God has a plan. I just wish he'd be a bit clearer on what he expects of me in his plans. Would also be nice if I could be well enough to live up to those expectations.
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    Hugs, sweetie...

    And you're right. Nichole and Katie and NOT alike. Nichole has busted her rear. Katie, not so much. And you're also right that you cannot handle 3 more... Not right now.

    It WILL work out. It may be ugly for Katie, but it's reality. Shelter space is nice and all, but maybe it's time for CPS...
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    My mind is numb so I'm having trouble thinking of anything to say that inspire or make you laugh or help in anyway...sorry.

    I too, think you are doing the right thing. Katie is a big girl, time to start acting like one. If she wants her kids, she needs to step up and take care of them. If not, then she doesn't deserve them.

    Take care of yourself...we need you!! Sending healing vibes your way!
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    I'm sorry. It's all so heartbreaking, and I completely understand your decision not to take them in, and support it. I am thinking of you, of all of you.

    As for no jobs for convicted felons.. around here, McDonalds will hire anyone, it's a joke. Construction companies will, too. Not that M would work at McDonalds or do manual labor...

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    I was thinking he should go attempt to work for a construction company too. Laborers dont need background checks unless they are working on government facilities. Digging ditches or sweeping up debris doesnt take a degree. I cant tell you how many people with records work on the crews with Tony. Tony's boss has to have them raise their hands to decide which ones can get on base...lol. You go here..you go there!

    I also understand how you feel about the grands. I am so losing sleep thinking about this new one on the way. I am very worried that I may be in your place at some point down the line and my health isnt good as you know.
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    You shouldn't feel one iota of guilt over them having nowhere to go! You KNOW that if you ever let them come to your house again, they would settle right in and stay there, taking advantage of you, until you had to dynamite the house to get them out! And if CPS ends up taking the kids, well maybe that's what it will take to finally get their parents up off their butts and starting to act like real parents to those kids! Frankly, I'm very surprised that it hasn't happened before this!

    And I'm so very happy for Kayla that she's finally got her glasses! If her vision was that bad that it was hindering her schoolwork, it must be wonderful for her to be able to see clearly now!
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    *hugs* hon. If it were possible to give you one of my kidneys, I'd do it.
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    Hugs, Lisa. Hope you're able to shake that bug soon.
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    First a correction. Exit date is march 27th. Wow in my opinion they're being awfully generous.

    She mailed me again. (we're on a roll I guess lol ) Jest of it was that they are about to close Alex's SSD case. Which to me means he will be turned down. I have a really hard time believing they are going to give him disability based only on a school evaluation......1 evaluation done by another state no less. He has not seen a doctor nor had any evaluations done here. She has set everything, their entire future on this child getting disability. Pardon me while I puke. Gag Gag GAG! OMG! Are you serious?? I have to continually remind myself that I didn't get much hands on raising of this child, really I do.

    So, we've used up our welfare, hardship, and probably every charity known to man. So now.........now we are motivated to get our disabled son disability so we can live off his check. I swear, I kid you not she put it that way herself. His disability is our only hope of getting an apartment yadda yadda. I swear by all that is holy in this world had she been sitting in front of me at the moment my hands would have been around her neck. I only have so much self control and that would have done me in.

    She made the comment that the shelter couldn't possibly throw them out with a disabled child, that it made them look bad enough to throw them out into the street with children as it was, but it would be so much worse with a disabled child...........

    I had to literally get up and walk away from the computer........walk around the room before I could sit back down again.

    Then she said that she hopes wilmington shelter has an opening by their exit date.

    By that point I was ready to pound my head into the keyboard out of pure........aw heck I'm not even sure what.....rage, frustration, amazement.........

    I have not answered. I'm afraid to. What I have to say I want to be face to face. It will be said at that mother daughter lunch talk thing.

    It will not look bad that the shelter throws them out because you stupid lil idiot those children will NOT be going with you. Can you really truly be so naive, stupid......or whatever??

    You were already told this would be your last shelter. Do you believe some magic fairy is going to come and rescue you and change all the rules for just your family?? omg

    She is either living in her own little world or is so disillusional..........or both..........or whatever.

    I will do the mom talk because I feel I have to at the very least try. I don't expect it to make one bit of difference but I plan to use every single piece of information ect I have at my disposal to drive the points home to her. It will be a enormous walk up call. I will not be pulling any punches. I'll be doing the warrior mom role full tilt. She will either get it........or not.

    After that I am so past done attempting to help Her. If that doesn't reach her she will have to find her own way or be stuck in this life forever. I will let it Go.

    So after this............went upstairs to attempt to sleep yet again. Of course I failed miserably although I did relax enough to get rid of a headache and some horrid muscle aches.

    Out of the blue it hits me. I can so fit 3 grandkids and Nichole and Aubrey very easily into the house. No clue where it came from as I was totally thinking about Nichole's baby shower at the time. lol (you'd not believe the random thoughts that go through a fevered brain deprived of sleep)

    So maybe my brain is not quite to the point of overriding my heart just yet. Oh well. It will be what it will be. Things happen the way they're supposed to happen for the most part, it will play out the way it's intended in the end.

    And Janet........he could possibly get those types of jobs except he refuses to look for them. She refuses to look at ALL. sigh
  10. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Lisa -

    You never know what you can do until you try. If you have 20 more good years left in you? It may be the 20 years that these kids need to get them to where they need to be. I dunno. I hope you have 50 more. Who knows - in 10 maybe there will be a cure for your kidneys. I just can't see with a heart like yours that ANYTHING else but love could mend it further. I'm in awe.

    As far as the Mother talk - I'd skip it - like a stone on a lake - probably right across her pea sized brain. Sorry - I'm a realist. Eternal optomist - but everything eventually comes to an end.....I know there is a part of you that would probably love to take her in your arms and just rock Katie to sleep ------but where to find a big enough rock.

    As far as idiot boy and his job search? If he went to WIA - in Ohio - and I was JUST there today - here in Ohio??? Most truck CDL companies will TAKE convicted felons - with a record clean back 5 years.....so if he was clean 10 years? Even for armed robbery? Yeah hate to tell him this? But I went to class with 2 felons that had FEDERAL bank robbery charges and they are BOTH working /driving for national OTR carriers....so he's full of kaka if he's telling you he can't get a job anywhere. Even while I stool in the employment office - there were SCADS of classes being advertised FOR FREE for 9 month college courses for AUTO mechanic, AUTO body and help with placement - so looser boy can lie all he wants - but this employment office up here? ROCKS - OMG I nearly canceled my flight just to stay and get this help - NOTHING like we have in SC......NOTHING. It was AMAZING. If he was in SC and said what is being said - MAYBE - but NOT in OHi. and as far as THAT goes? He could go to DAY labor EVERY day and work. EVERY DAY - paid daily.

    He just doesn't want to. I went to day labor when I was homeless - I worked and I got picked over some men too.

    Hugs to ya honey - you really have a full plate.
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    Star in this area he will have some issues........small rural area..........he's not only a felon, he's an outsider.............and he's got that gansta act going on ridiculous as it is. It will take him working his rear end off to find a job in this area. It can be done, IF he humbles himself, acts his age, and is willing to take almost anything. I've given him a long list several times. I know a few convicted felons in town, homegrown boys, I know where the hiring is at. Garbage man, lawn work, some day labors, a few (only out of area) factories ect will hire him. Of course you do have to get off your keaster and apply for those jobs.........and our job center bends over backward to help people find jobs. These two act like I know no one in this town, when I know practically everyone, and that I know no one out of work...........pht. But where he's looking, as dishwasher........nope. They want nothing to do with him. Nichole sent them both long lists of places to apply that are all but begging for people. Waste of time, but at least it stopped the drama routine on facebook. Katie could be hired tomorrow at an employment agency for nursing home staff, they will TRAIN her. Again begging for people. She knows this, she has never gone. And of course this is the job she's telling everyone she's dying to do. Gimme a break.

    It's odd but I find myself sliding into warrior Mom mode as if I'm sliding into a pair of comfortable old clothing. Odd because I had hoped/believed/ was relieved those in the trenches days were over forever. Odd because I didn't ask for it, didn't want it. Odd because it's not for katie. It is for Kayla, Alex, and Evan.

    I'll be bluntly honest because I know some other parent here my one day find themselves in the same spot, feeling the same things, there guts and heart torn out with the same decisions to make. I'm no saint. I'm not wonder mom. I don't have all the answers.........right now I'm not sure I have any of the answers.

    I wanted those warrior Mom days to be over. I'm not young anymore. I'm tired and I'm sick. I raised my own children sick, in pain, knowing I could be taken from them at any moment without warning. It was hard, emotionally, mentally, and physically....made even more hard because 3 of them were difficult children who needed me to be everything I could be and more. So I wanted to push this away, far far away. For once I wanted someone else to deal with it. I wanted someone else to come up with the solution. I didn't want to face the rage and the pain of having a daughter who doesn't give a d*mn about the welfare of her children, who is so self-centered for whatever reason (and trust me at this point I simply do not care what reason) that she has put them through living hades since the day each of them entered this world. I didn't want to risk scr*wing it all up again and causing these kids lord knows how many more years of living hades on earth due to my incompetence because I do the wrong thing at the wrong time in the wrong place.......... If I had done things right last time there would have been no this time. I own that because I'm an adult, a mother, and a grandmother and I have the guts to own it.

    So since xmas I've been doing my utter best to push this all away, make it Katie and M's problem. The states problem. Someone's problem who is not ME. And when I try to push something away..........you've no idea how skilled at it I am. I almost had myself convinced I could do it and all would be right with the world. Almost.

    I graduated last august. I did that for myself. I realized along the way I also did that for my children, to show them through actions that it doesn't matter how old you are, you can always go back and do what you were meant to do. That it is never too late to fix a mistake. There was a time when I never dreamed I'd have the opportunity to do that, or that I had the ability to do it.

    In the aftermath of that.........with all the katie family junk, my mouth junk (which by the way I'm still waiting for those teeth, now I have to be well enough to make sure the proto type works so the real ones can be made), and now this ever so lovely illness that has caused my renal failure to basically stand up and slap me across the face in a huge way......

    It has slowly dawned on me that each of us are put on this earth for a purpose. Some of us flounder around an entire lifetime unable or even unwilling to discover what that purpose is. Some of us are fortunate enough to figure it out......even if life has to smack us upside the head with it. There are even some of us who happen to figure it out......but then are for whatever reason unwilling to accept it that we wind up making ourselves miserable.

    I am a mother. I am a grandmother. I have enough maternal instinct packed into this body for probably 100 women. I have a broad scope of interest ranging from history, art, medicine, culture.....this list would go on forever so I'll spare you. If someone walks up to me at any given time and asks me what I am that always comes out of my mouth first. All of those other things? Well, they just make me better at what I am.

    I can honestly say I have never in my entire life struggled with something as I have this. Since there have been children in my life I have very rarely made a decision based on what was right for me. As I say that......I can't even think of one. The needs of the children in my life, my own children and my grandchildren, have always always come before my own. Because for me, that is the way it is supposed to be. Children are the innocents. Who will stand up for them if those who love them don't?

    I have my own moral code in which I live by. And it's a tough one to live up to sometimes. :sigh:

    I failed these kids once. And I'm not afraid to admit I'm terrified of failing them again. I don't do failure well. So far no one above has opted to let me in on the whole plan. I want the very best for these kids. They deserve and need love and affection and normalcy and stability and a chance at a future. If that is with me, then I will step up and I will do my utter best for as long as God above allows me to.......after that, just as it was with my own kids, it's in his hands. I'm only human, He's the guy with all the power. I'm done fighting it. It's up to Him.

    husband and I decided this will, however, go through cps. I will have stipulations for taking on my grandkids.......as much for their welfare as my own. I will not have Katie and M up in my face, it just will not happen.

    I admit concerning cps I'm basically a fish out of water. Which is obvious or I'd have done better last time around. I'll be yelling for help I'm sure often. But husband and I are both determined to shake this d*mn bug and get our fannies in gear to be ready when that call comes. I'll do my best to keep them in the family. If they go into the system I'll do what it takes to keep them in the family unit as much as possible. But I figure if I'm meant to do this......it will play out that way.

    And Auntie Star.........does this mean you're staying in Ohio, dear??? Cuz ya know we still got a raincheck on lunch. :hugs:
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    Hound dog - if I read one more time that you "failed" at anything, I'm getting in my car, driving east, and slapping you up side the head!
    You are NOT a failure. You have survived things many could never do. You continue to be there for your (grown) kids. You did the best you could - that is NOT failure. Hind sight is always 20/20. Living in the now is doing the best you can.

    I'm not going to go into the spirit aspect of all this, but perhaps, just perhaps, your recent illnesses are a way of a higher being telling you that you can NOT take this on at this time? You say you aren't getting signs, I think you are. Your body is already stressed to the max, so much so that other illnesses are happening and the things that aren't quite working are having a party.

    Katie and M have made their bed, many times over. It's not the bed you would like them to be in. It's certainly not the bed you want your grandkids to be in. But it is what Katie and M chose. And maybe, just this one time, it's out of your hands. You can't get blood from a turnip, especially if the ground doesn't have turnips in it to begin with.
  13. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    (gladly pays Skeeter .25) for the show. hehe......and um...... :hangin:Hound.
  14. AnnieO

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    Skeeter, I'm coming with you. But I think I'll take the path of taking Lisa out for some relaxation time.

    Cause, Lisa? You are SOOOOOO swamped with everyone else's koi right now. A lot of people here say things about detachment and I can see you're trying - but you can't get the grands out of your mind. Well... IF you take them on, you HAVE to have help. because can you see Travis, Nichole, Aubrey, new one, Kayla, Alex, Evan? OMG and husband, too, who may be acting OK now, but I know he can be a difficult child as well. So basically you'd be taking on all of them - too much for one person, even a perfectly healthy person.

    YOU HAVE NOT FAILED. You were unable to help, true. But if anyone failed those kids at that time? It was their PARENTS. Not you.

  15. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    You all are great. And I love you.

    I know hindsight is 20/20. What I meant by "failed" is that last time I was so sure I knew what I was doing, and if I just did it this way, and went to cps blah blah blah of course they'd see the obvious............ I had so much confidence last time I was downright cocky. I had months and months of observation documented, dated............. And I'll never forget how I felt when cps refused, flat out refused to investigate. Yeah, now I know that here if there is no where for the kids to go that if it's not threat of imminent death they ignore ignore ignore, but back then even though I knew that cps was broken......I never dreamed it could possibly be that broken.

    So not "failed" really........just didn't realize how bad the system is down here. I mean I'd heard stories, some pretty awful stories.......but that is not the same as having your face rubbed in it.

    I don't want to forget that.

    This time it is up to cps. I'm trying hard not to push anything in any direction. In the shelter the kids are safe. There is no reason for me to push it. They have people watching over them.

    I've had some sleep finally so now maybe this will make a bit more sense.

    The plan is to prepare for the kids. No furniture rearranging or anything. Just basically that cleaning I need to do to rid us of the darn winter mice problem anyway. Nichole has already volunteered to help with this part and Travis is being very helpful. And if I growl enough at husband he will move. lol So this has to be done anyway.

    The rest, as far as I'm concerned, is up to cps and the dude up above. If they call and ask I will tell them I will give it a try if I meet whatever it is you have to meet to do it. (I have no clue other than amt of bedrooms and a clean house) I will do it as the foster thing as someone advised before because let's face it, 3 kids are expensive. And visitation will have to be settled as I am not going to have katie and M parked at my house while I'm doing their job.

    If cps doesn't feel we're up to the job, then so be it. The kids will go into foster care and we'll ask for visitation as often as they'll let us. Their family will still be there for them. Just a different way.

    As for the concern I wouldn't have enough help? That's not really a worry. If I needed a break, easy child or Nichole would take them for a night or weekend or something........most likely Nichole would take kayla and easy child would take the boys. Travis is a big help around here these days......and I know he'd help out too. In all honesty I'd have like a ton more help than I ever had with my kids........as I had none at all. It was just me and husband then.

    Today was Brandon's 2nd birthday party. husband and I didn't go because we're still dealing with this bug. Better a bit, but not ready to go out and about. Nichole brought katie and the kids over here after the party to visit for a little bit. M and Evan stayed at the shelter as it sounds like Evan has what we have. Was nice to see the kids. Kayla looks good in her glasses and I told her so. Was proud of Nichole who was sporting her own glasses tonight to reinforce to kayla that glasses are cool. lol Turns out they're wearing the same style. Katie acted sort of odd........like she wanted to crawl in a hole somewhere. Not sure what was going on with her.:sigh:

    But I'll get the lowdown if anything went on at the party tomorrow.
  16. donna723

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    Lisa, if your system there is anything like the one here, they would much rather place children with relatives if they can. They mostly check for the basics. They make sure that there are enough beds for them to sleep in and that there is food in the house. They're not looking for spotless either, lived-in is OK. "Kid-friendly" is preferred over some place that looks like a museum full of things you can't touch. When I went through it several years ago they did require smoke alarms in certain locations and fire extinguishers. And if you do it officially, you should get the same stipend for the children as any other foster parent would get which will help out a lot with the expense.

    My brother and sister in law didn't know you could do this. When sister in law's niece wasn't in the picture anymore, my brother and sister in law suddenly found themselves with her two little girls, ages 1 and 3. They had those kids in their home, raising them like their own and supporting them financially, for almost a year while the two sets of grandparents fought it out in court over who would get them! They had two kids of their own and not a lot of money so suddenly adding two more children to their family was a tremendous financial hardship. When they found out that the state would have helped support those kids, they've been kicking themselves ever since!
  17. susiestar

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    Could Kayla have been acting that way because M is again/still abusing her? When they were at the Dayton shelter where he couldn't be with them she was more safe from him but now that they are all together again he could be targetting her again. It may be his method of dealing with the stress of pretending to job hunt and deal with family and that family not letting him have a computer (in his mind it is your fault and the rest of the family's fault that he cannot spend the day on your computers so he may target Kayla for abuse as a way of "punishing" or "getting back at" you because he knows it would tear all of you apart. He is the kind of guy to think and act that way. He also may be trying to sell child porn of her to "make money". That is the kind of thing that could cause her to act that way, though I pray it isn't so.

    Is it possible for you to get some alone time with kayla to talk about thigns and find out what is going on?
  18. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Susie, Kayla was fine. Her usual bright chipper self. It was Katie who was acting odd.........like she wanted to fade into the paint on the walls or crawl into a hole.

    She does that when M is around, but usually is quite talkative and animated when he isn't. So it got my attention.

    Now it may be because she went out into the family room.............and discovered she had Nichole as a shadow. (which Nichole promised me she'd do if Katie when in there) They were in there a long time. Katie I assume searching for something M wanted using the excuse she wanted to get something out of their stuff. The family room has become a depository. Along with everything else it holds Travis' spare computer parts, not to mention more than a few things that can be pawned. But I'm guessing she was after the computer stuff. There is even RAM and video cards out there. Thanks to Nichole, Katie returned to the livingroom empty handed.

    When Travis can't fix a computer he breaks it down for parts. Because he never knows who's computer he'll be fixing next and what type or the age of the computer. It saves the family and friends a lot of money even if it's a pain in the rear to store them.