Heard it from a first grader...

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    I subbed in a first grade classroom this morning, and one of their assignments was to complete a one page "Daily News, " with the date, the weather, and something interesting that happened today. One little girl made me laugh...

    "Today we had a supsitute. Mrs. G is very nise to first graders. My brother Conor says she is mean to fith graders."

    Apparently, big brother Conor was in the fifth grade class I spent a week in. Had someone not stolen the lesson plans off the desk, resulting in the football coach, the assistant coach, and the office manager coming to chew them out, followed by the fallout when their teacher returned, a lady who takes NO NONSENSE, I might have been seen as "nise to fith graders."
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    That is too funny!!! :)
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    So cute ... I love 1st graders they are so honest and too darn adorable... my easy child is in 1st grade and for mothers day she wrote me a poem that said i was 8 ft tall and weighed 10lbs ... so cute !
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