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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Nov 4, 2009.

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    today about difficult child which is nice because he hasn't been doing well at school (or home lately). Yesterday I received a note saying how he threatened and aide and a student (also got the invite-before that happened-to sit with him today with the president-post in wc).

    While I was waiting to go eat lunch with difficult child I spent 3 hours in his school's staff lounge. I met the PE teacher who had lots of good things to say about difficult child. He really enjoys having him in class and uses a lot of humor with difficult child-avoids power struggles with him!!

    Also, I met his reading teacher. She was really nice and came to speak with me. She told me how much she enjoys difficult child-loves his sense of humor and his personality and is enjoying the progress she is seeing him make in reading. Then she told me she took another job (teaching kids in juvie) and that she really will miss difficult child more than the other students. She would like to continue emailing him so she can stay in touch (which I think difficult child will really like). He is going to be very disappointed when he finds out tomorrow.

    Just wanted to share some of the positive because I know I share the negative;)
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    That is great! It sounds like he is trying hard- in spite of still having difficulties in some areas. I hope the "atta-boys" he gets from them helps him to keep trying. I'm glad to hear the teacher will email him- I always thought it was difficult for a kid to lose contact with a good teacher they've gotten used to.

    Kudos to you and difficult child!!
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    Oh, I love the positives. I think that we on the board tend to treasure the positive stuff more, it just means more to us.
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    Hey Sharon, we love to hear the positives!!!!!!

  5. ML

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    Sharing in your job. I'm so happy to hear these good things, Sharon.
  6. timer lady

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    Sharon, thanks for sharing this ~ I smiled as I read about difficult children positives. It's good for a parent to hear now & then.

    by the way, we've used humor all along with the tweedles - it really does help with "impending doom".
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    I totally understand the needs for positive. Our youngest's day is usually so full of negative, we have to look for the positives to remind us that there is hope for a better day tomorrow. When the girls say their prayers at night, they have to say one good thing about their day, just to help reaffirm that not all is a loss.