Hearing voices: Ted talk / book / link

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    TED talk by recovered schizophrenic woman:


    The woman's book: Learning from the Voices in My Head by Eleanor Longden

    Internet link to Hearing Voices site: http://www.hearing-voices.org/

    Interesting that I should have run across this info today, given that we were just talking about similar kinds of things. The TED talk will take about 18 minutes. Ms. Longden (who went on to take both an undergrad and a Master's in psychology) describes how the voices started, how they changed to condemning, vicious presences, and how she learned to re-incorporate them as hurt, damaged, or shamed parts of herself which needed healing.

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    This was an incredible Ted talk. I was mesmerized and inspired. I hope that every one can listen to it. There was also a comedian on there, that talked so candidly about his mental illness, and the mental health care system, that I was in hysterics.