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    So my husband and difficult child do not always get along well, they usually can be pretty good at triggering each other.

    difficult child had some sort of project involving a mouse trap to make a race car. He had a dowel to cut down. He went with husband out to the garage (no arguing or fighting from either one--husband can be more of a difficult child than difficult child) and were out there for an hour. They both came back, calm, happy and speaking civilly to each other!

    husband took difficult child to his basketball game, and they were happy when they got home. I did not go, difficult child did not scream at me for not going.

    I messed up with difficult child's basketball practice schedule and when he went to his game he realized he missed practice Wednesday. He told me he did have practice Wednesday but it was just him giving me info, no accusation involved. difficult child loves to blame anyone for a problem. I apologized and said I got it mixed up, and he dropped it! He NEVER drops anything.

    So I guess that God (or whatever supreme being you believe in ) is smiling on me, if I am gonna have a time when I almost fall apart, at least husband and difficult child are doing well.
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    Maybe the vibe is being picked up that Mom needs them to PULL IT TOGETHER for once and help each other???
    What ever the reason, it is great. I hope they continue down this path and realize they can indeed do this without you and without falling apart.

    You need it