Heaven Help Me - husband is on a Diet!


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husband is a major "Foodie" - and he does the bulk of the cooking in our house. Now he is a wonderful cook - but he is a bit overly fond of the cheeses and the sauces and the deep-fried anything. If it's fattening and bad for you? husband loves it! If it's fattening and bad for you and sprinkled with cheese and bacon bits? husband loves it even better!

It should not surprise you to hear that husband is a big man.

And every few years, husband decides he wants to slim down. The problem is, he is always looking for a "trick" or a "gimmick" that will let him slim down and yet continue to eat the way he eats. And every few years, he tries some new diet plan - loses a few pounds...and then quickly puts it all back on.

So right now - husband wants to start a new diet. He was asking me what I thought about buying a particular product...and having visions of spending all kinds of money on yet another gimmick that wasn't going to work in the long run - I just had to break it to him that he was gonna have to excercise more and change his eating habits.

Well, husband argued for a bit...and I ended up telling him "I'm sorry, honey - you're just gonna have to eat more vegetables!"

Long pause....

Well, he supposed he could start eating more salads....

long pause....

Oooohhhh - I could put steak on my salad and I could get those cheese crumbles to add to it, and maybe some bacon and salami chunks....and oooohhhhh chunky bleu cheese dressing...and those big cheesy croutons...


Yeah....that should work...


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You know, maybe he should try a whole different concept... its the only one that worked for my Mom (again, a "good cook").

1) when cooking, every time you put a taste of something in your mouth, put that much of it on a plate; its really surprising how much you eat when you're cooking

2) always drink water before eating, and especially before cooking - thirst drives us to eat more, in an attempt to get more fluids... and most of us don't get enough water

3) use a smaller plate. Even if you're going back for seconds, the size of the plate does cut down on calories.


Last winter, when I was laid up, my husband cooked a meal that was really remarkably good, and I wrote about it on FB. easy child 1 responded with "what did he fix? Bacon sandwiches, with extra bacon, and potatoes cooked with bacon, with a side of bacon, and bacon wrapped in bacon for dessert?"
That's not what husband fixed, but sadly, it easily could have been...


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I think my husband is your husband's long lost twin.

husband is a fabulous cook and does most of the cooking but with him, if it's fatter, butter-ier, cheesier, it's better. He's a big man too.

husband loves vegetables - with cheese on them :rofl:


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My husband is kind of like that... Bacon is dessert to him... And he LOVES sour cream, butter...

He's actually quite slender, though. 5'10, about 170 lbs. HIGH CHOLESTEROL. And a gut issue a few months back.

But, to his credit, he eats what I put in front of him... And I buy reduced fat sour cream... Lean beef...


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I worked with a gal whose hubby was a great cook - and didn't want to be a tub.
So they cut a deal...

She did the day-to-day cooking - plane-jane, healthy. He ate what she cooked.

He did the company cooking - she'd have been stressed out about it anyway, he loved doing it, and the guests thought they were in a 4-star restaurant.


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Oh you must be married to Tony! I didnt realize we were twins either...lol. Tony is an excellent cook too but he was brought up with down home southern cooking. Everything is fried and smothered in gravy and cheese. He is overweight but his cholesterol is fabulous! On the other hand, he has killed me. I grew up eating everything boiled, broiled or baked. Once in a while we BBQ'ed but not often. I was thin. I did gain weight when I got pregnant with Billy and had a hard time loosing it so when he met me I weighed about 170. He has put on another 170+ poounds...lol. On me that is.

There is a new product out I saw last night on tv that you just sprinkle on your food and you lose weight. I think its called sensa or something. Gonna look for it.


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Any kind a diet pill, diet supplement... I don't trust. Honestly, it's all about portion control and exercise... Neither of which are my forté...


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Send him to Step's for fried chicken - at least it has no fattening coating on it :)


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I just love to cook and eat ! I am a big girl. I have been very active so that helps. I can cook very low fat and healthy and I do on a few times per week but other days I use butter, gravies, etc ...

It is so hard to try a gimic diet and stick to it. Weight Watcher's works best in my humble opinion. Also, if your husband begins a little exercise regime it may motiviate him to cook a little healthier. Wish him good luck !!!!