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  1. Hound dog

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    husband got a letter from the state yesterday. I did not read it. But evidently they've decided that he qualifies for this re-education program they've got going on here for all the people who are unemployed.

    husband has not has so much as a teeny nibble in 3 months. One because he's not looking all that hard. (typical for him) And 2 my guess is that the guy is 61 yrs old. In a prospective employer's eyes the guy is going to retire within a few years so why bother.

    I was trying so hard not to hear husband when he kept saying he was filing for social security in April. On it he wouldn't be making much more than he is now. But he's under the impression he can file for it and get it on his next birthday which is in April. ugh

    And now this. Personally, I'd like to hunt down the moron who sent my husband this letter and throttle him/her within an inch of life.:mad:

    husband has talked about this non-stop all day. I'm expected to be excited about it and give him ideas. True the program is free, the state pays for everything. But by the time the man is done he will most certainly be eligible for social security!!! So what is the point??

    We are holding on by our finger nails as it is. If he goes to school he does not have to look for a job anymore. So no work. No chance of a better income. No insurance. Nada.

    Maybe I'm just being mean spirited. But I just want to haul off and slap him silly. :mad::mad: ANY excuse not to work. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I just don't see any possible way this could benefit him/us.

    Not to mention the thought of him being here......not working....that long......well, he may never live long enough to graduate. I'm already snarling at him on a regular basis.
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    when does husband turn 62? My husband does in January. He's already been "approved" for SS early retirement payments (he applied about 3 months ago - we heard it was best to do the online application 4 - 6 months ahead of time). He'll get a check for February, but they run a month behind, so won't get the actual check until March.
    While we may loose money in the long run, we decided to go with the early pay out because the age for full pay out keep rising. husband has actually been "retired" for 9 years, he gets a pension from his previous employer.
  3. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    husband turns 62 in April. I had it wrong, he plans to file I think in feb. While I'm less than thrilled about it.....he could work and we'd have insurance. But this brings up a good point. If he gets on this state schooling program, if he retires then how can he be eligible for it anymore?
    husband wants to retire because he's positive the SS money won't be there by the time he's 65. And heck, the way things are going with the economy he may be right.
  4. DammitJanet

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    If he retires, then he actually can go to school. Retirement has nothing to do with working or going to school. Many retirees still continue to work a part-time job. Thats what most of the Walmart greeters are...retirees. Lots of colleges also offer classes free for the over 60 set.
  5. susiestar

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    With the classes he may actually be out of the house more than he is now. How much longer until you graduate? Is there any chance he would actually get a job of some kind with the education that he gets?