Hello Everyone.. It is now time to come over here :)

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Confused, Mar 14, 2012.

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    I know those who have been in 5 and under are also here, so hello! I guess you can't get rid of me that easy :) So, I will reply to others over there, and now here too! So, for anyone who does not know about my story, feel free to ask or look up my old post on April 21, 2011/other posts. So I just wrote what was good about my son over there, feel free to read that as well. I am looking into knew Dr's and opinions (measures)for him, and refuse to take "no from his current Dr any longer"! I will be back later in the morning or afternoon to start seeing if I can lend some support. Hugs.
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    Welcome to the next age group... you have about 12 years or so here before you "graduate" to the PE (parent emeritus) forum...

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    Welcome, Confused. You're an old pro now! :)
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    Thank you. That's a way to look at it on the next group :) lol.
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    Hi TerryJ2,
    Thank you. Wow, an old pro lol :)
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    I love general parenting....I seem to catch so much great advice here. I check all of the forums because of the "new posts" button, I just always click on that...tee hee.

    Glad you moved on over.....difficult child is a big boy now!