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    Sorry I haven't posted much. I have been trying to read every now and then to keep up with everyone.

    Well, School starts Tuesday...and I assume another year of stress.

    difficult child has had an ok summer. Better than I expected. Wasn't out riding in peoples cars. Staying away from parties and those kids.

    About a month ago he told me he can't see very well. I took him in. Yep. Glasses. I sat in the room. They dialated his eyes, they put the things on his face. Then they asked him to read the smallest line. I am right next to the screen and I couldn't figure out what he was reading. None of the letters matched what he was saying. He picked out frames I didn't like, but I didn't say anything. He likes them.

    His voice still hasn't changed. However he is sporting this dark fuzzy stuff above his mouth...lol.

    We just took him for new shoes. He stopped wearing his shoes and was wearing flops all the time. He went from 8.5 to a 10. He grew about 3.5 inches this summer.

    About six weeks ago he decided he is going to be a vegetarian. he has not eaten any meat at all. I just don't know what to feed him.

    Now vegetarian wouldn't be so bad if he ate VEGETABLES.

    I have all his supplies for school. Probably enough to last for 3 or 4 years. As he only uses about one page of a notebook a year. Loses all his pens/pencils and everything else.

    He still has this "out of body feeling". Derealization/Depersonalization. He did research and joined some chat. The Lexapro hasn't helped so he asked if he could try Zoloft. Dr. said sure. We are on week one.

    He didn't want adderall this year. Put him to sleep. Dr. gave him Vyvanse. IF he takes it I hope it works.

    Hope everyone that started school is having a mellow start. And those who will be, good luck.
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    Good to "see" you! I'm glad for the most part difficult child's summer went o.k. Sorry he is still having his out of body feelings. by the way, my easy child takes Vyvanse; for her it has been really good.

    Glad your difficult child is growing! I keep waiting for my difficult child to have any type of a growth spurt-I'm thinking it's going to be a long time because he is only 12 but he is always the shortest in his grade level.

    I hope you are taking care of you!

    Wishing your difficult child a great start and a less stressful school year. Hugs.
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    Hope the school year goes better for you than in years past. I understand the growth issue, my difficult child (11yrs) just went to a day camp where he was the oldest child. He fit right in with the 8yr olds physically and emotional maturity wise.


    I hope his out of body feeling stops, that has to be eery.
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    It's great to "see" you :) I've been rather busy in real life too and haven't been posting as much as I would like. Maybe this year will be different. I love the beginning of the school year because it is a new beginning and anything is possible. WOW, 3.5 inches is a lot. I hope manster as one soon to stretch out the extra weight he's carrying. Try to hold onto a positive thought.
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    If your son really does want to be a vegetarian, try the Morningstar Vegetarian products (frozen food section at your grocer). They offer substitute meat products made from vegetable proteins. I swear their "Chickn Nuggets" were the best I'd ever had!


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    our boys are on the same growth pattern! difficult child's voice changed last summer and his fuzz appeared over the lip last fall! He's grown over 2.5 inches since spring and keeping him in jeans is costing me an arm and a leg! Boys!!!!

    My difficult child switched from adderall to vyvanse around Christmas time or so with good results. He takes it as soon as he rises, because it definately lasts longer than the adderall. It also affected his appetite more than the adderall. He doesn't really eat much lunch. I usually pack several things he likes in the hopes that he will at least drink the drink and eat one thing! He appetite doesn't really come back until around 6:30 which is about 3.5 hours longer than on the adderall.

    His description on the vyvanse was that it made him feel more like himself.

    Hope you have some positive results.

    difficult child sat down this past weekend and put his notebooks together. He uses two large fivestar organizers. One for even days and one for odd days. He does not use individual notebooks, regardless of what the teacher wants. I have found that he is much more organized if he is only responsible for one book. All his papers and such stay in the organizer. Now, that's not to say that it doesn't need cleaning up and putting away a couple days a week - but we've been using this method since he was in fourth grade and it works really well to have everything in one place.

    Many of the teachers request seperate notebooks, but I let them know that this is his method and it works. If they insist upon sectioning, I buy those smaller dividers to use within the four large subject dividers. I have found most of his teachers very accomodating when they find he can keep "himself together" with this method.

    difficult child has had a great summer as well - a couple weeks ago he said he was ready for school to start because he was getting a little bored. Now, he says he could use another couple weeks! He's resolved.....

    Hope your difficult child has a positive first week. It makes all the difference doesn't it?

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    Best of luck!

    However he is sporting this dark fuzzy stuff above his mouth...lol.

    My difficult child has a caterpillar, too.
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    Welcome back!! I was just wondering about you this week.

    Sounds like difficult child is showing signs of puberty. This is a good thing. LOL on the fuzzy stuff. Wiz likes to show his off.

    Glad you were able to get him into glasses before the year started. Hopefully they will help his headaches. Often there is a period of intense headaches as the eyes change and the hormones change about the same time.

    My husband's voice never really changed noticeably. Same for Wiz. They have nice deep voices but the change was very slow and only noticeable if you didn't see them for a couple of months during the change. So his voice may never crack.

    I hope this school year goes well. Try to detach from it and let the teachers/staff mete out whatever punishment/consequences for school infractions is needed.