Hello - I would like to re-introduce myself

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by jal, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. jal

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    Hi I'm Jal,

    I started on this website under another name around 2005. Fran was a great help in pm'ing me info and links and with helping to aquaint me with-this site. We've done and have been through a lot. Please see sig. For a while I was able to access this site @ home, but that was during the dial up ages and over time I have lost the capability to communicate with-all of you while at home (resisted getting internet @ home for a while because difficult child would be easily addicted & he's only 7-he's totally into video games, computers and math). I lurk A LOT and post at times when I feel I have something to offer or need help. Most of the time it is at work and I have to monitor myself and not do too much. Just recently (this weekend) we now have the internet at home. I am hoping to become more of a part of this community now that I have free range. I honestly can tell you this site has helped to save my sanity. To know that I, we, including my husband are not alone in this struggle, is truly a blessing. I have followed many of you through the different forums (I read them all) and have had wanted so much to contribute more, when I can. Now that I can do that from my own home I hope to be more of a contributing member to this lovely group that has helped me at my toughest times.

    My son has a bag of diagnosis's. Most recently ADHD/ADD combined type. Mood DIS/not otherwise specified. 175 mg Seroquel throughout the day..20 mg Fluexotine am. Recently tried Daytrana patch, again no difference.

    In therapeutic alternative school. Very smart. Almost seems to be gifted in math. Reads well. Athletic. Handsome.

    I thank you all,

  2. totoro

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    Hey JAL
    It is nice to see you back. It hoovers to not be able to access this place doesn't it?
    I have had a few times when I had no internet and I felt SO alone...
    I always need someone who has something to offer! ;) I feel like I am banging my head lately...
  3. jal

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    Totoro - YES , it does and I am sorry you have a bruise on your head. When our difficult child was in the hospital in 2008, all I could do was to think of posting on this site for support. Thank you so much. LOVE your new addition, sorry I didn't comment earlier, but I coveted him from afar.. Looks like a long haired Benji. How could anyone say he was odd looking? HE'S ADORABLE!
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    Welcome back. The fingertip access to caring friends is beyond value.
    Glad you have access and can give and take at will. DDD
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    Hi Jal
    Glad to hear from you. I remember you because my son is also in a therapeutic school placement and I remember reading your posts while you were making the transition.
    Glad to hear things are going well and that you are able to access the site!

  6. Wiped Out

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    Glad you have easy access now! Good to have you back!