Hello. Let me be your test subject.

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    I got a toradol shot today. I love that stuff. It makes everything go away.

    It has to be given in a large muscle and my hips hurt so much all by themselves that I am not getting a shot in them - especially one that makes you feel like you've been beaned with a baseball for 2 days. So, I get it in my thigh.

    This nurse had never done that and had to have the other nurse show her how. :surprise: I was really surprised. It's a rather big muscle, afterall.

    So, I was her first. :tongue:

    I also get IV's in my hand, rather than my arms - cause that's where I want them. A few people have taken the opportunity for training on me because of that. Once, even an EMT. He did a better job than the nurses. He was cute, too. :redface: Of course, I was lying there all exposed cause I was getting an EKG, so that was embarrassing.

    I've had people practicing IV's - because of both location and blood thinners; I've had residents be brought in to look at my medical records and then feel this and feel that; when I had the heart attack, I had residents that weren't even attached to my cardiologists coming in - cause the EKG was normal and only one enzyme elevated and yet so much plaque, and then the hemorrhage....

    And neurologists seem to get way too excited when they have to zap you hard during the EMG to get your nerves to respond. There's something really sadistic about that. LOL

    Just amuses me....

    It just feels good to have the pain down to a tolerable level...if you couldn't tell. :D