Hello new to the board, have I found the right place?

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    I am hoping I have finally found a place to get advise and support! I have a wonderful 15 year old daughter that was diagnosed with Major Depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in April of 2009. We had it under control with medications until end of September, she slipped back into a major depression so slowly that by the time I realized there was a problem it was a huge problem.
    She dropped every grade from b's and c's to d's and e's, started back talking teachers (something she has never done) started dozing off in class and day dreaming or obsessing is the real thing.
    Long story short I have changed many things, I let all her teachers know what was going on with her and why she was having issues (should have done that from the start and will from now on make sure I do!) we have adjusted her medications to a new one so hopefully we will see a difference soon. Just made the change this weekend.
    I have an appointment with her guidance counselor and the school psychologist this morning. I have researched depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) a lot since September, I wish I had looked this much into it in the beginning. I am a lot smarter about her illness now than I was in April.

    My main problem is knowing what to do! I am worried about pushing too hard with the school work because it seems to push her back into her depression. I need to worry about getting her mentally healthy before I worry about school! She is not suicidal or self mutilating and I intend on keeping it that way. She is also not sexually active or doing drugs.

    What should I expect from the school? I don't know what if anything they are obligated to do.
    Any advice?
    I have dealt with a lot in my life but never has anything effected me so much as watching my daughter go through this. One of the hardest things is realizing this is something she can't control and for me it is so hard to wrap my head around that thought.

    Am I in the right place, sometimes I feel all alone. People I talk to have dealt with depression for themselves but not a child big difference I think.
    I welcome any suggestions!
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    Hi Robin,

    Welcome to the family! Do you know what an IEP (Individual Education Plan) is or do you have one in place?

    I think we'll start there since school seems to be the biggest challenge.
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    Welcome to the crowd, Robin!
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    Hello and welcome!! Yes, you are in a good place! I agree with Star-- you need to get an IEP established. When you meet with the school, I suggest making sure that they are headed in that direction and don't sttle for the 504 plan or whatever it's called.
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    Hi and Welcome!! You are in the right place and you are NOT alone. :)
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    Welcome yes we are they who have these worries ...with variations...too. You sound like you have been responding to what has presented as it occured to you and that is pretty much where we all start.
    The depression will certainly be a foundation for school supports and the pppsycologist is a person who can introduce you to the maze. We have a commercial here now that has a banker offer the services for the new account and he pulls down this big complex list of options and gives the bewhildered client this goofy nuetral expression while she trys to pick what she needs. That is what getting into the services that a school can bring in is like .
    Having as much insight and I use the materials that I find in meetings. I bring the books with the parts anotnated that I want discussed where my childs education is conserned.
    Communicaation is important and the time you devote with the teachers, school establishes the basis of relationship for this safenet around our children. The nurse the conselor the vp the principle and the Special Education and 504 specialists.
    Our communities do care deeply about children and families so you go. Get in there.
    Teachers have committed their carreers to this service of children, family, society and when parents are in there with them helping them to understand a child they aare teaching it is all good sitation.
    And treating depression in childhood IS NEW. All mental health issues were once apon a time shunned. Welcome to the bright ages. OH and you aare one of the WISE MOTHERS
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    What kind of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) does she have? My son (see my profile below) had such bad Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), he had to drop out of college. He used to count everyone's words and could not concentrate or read, and he was very depressed. Is your daughter on medication? Is she seeing a Psychiatrist (with the MD)? I would let the school know what's going on, but she really needs professional help and it takes time to stabilize our kids. And the medications can make the kids REALLY tired. My son is grown up and working now and his medications still make him tired sometimes. (((Hugs)))
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    Hi and jumping in to welcome you as well. :) you are def not alone.
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    You have found a great place and I'm glad you found us.
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    Thank you all for your warm welcome!
    My difficult child (now that I know what that means!) has slight Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) more the obsession than compulsion. It is slight enough that not too many people would notice it, she gets an idea in her head (like a new dog - not!) and doesn't let it go. I think that is part of her problem in school is the as I call it going into her head. She thinks too much, it is a minor issue in comparison.

    She was taking Zoloft 50mg it was increased to 75mg without much change. This weekend she was changed to Celexa 20mg, really too soon to tell if there is much change. Today is the 3rd full day on the new medications.
    The meeting went ok, they were going to talk to her during school to get a feel for where she is, it is a start anyway. I am still too concerned with getting her back on track with the medications then I will worry about school.
    I am hopeful she will do better when she "cares" and is feeling better.

    Baby steps that is all I can take right now, I do know I am reading everything I can get my hands on and going to a parent support group in a couple of weeks held by NAMI.
    I am like a sponge and I am sure I will have a million questions as we progress.
    Thanks for all your help!