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    My name is Bridget, am 37, married with 4 beautifully crazy children. I am a stay at home mom who plans on finishing school in the near future and plan on taking that and running with it to continue on to become a pharmacist. Back in 2006, my oldest son, who will be 9 this yr, was diagnosed with ADHD. It has not been an easy adventure for us in this. He has a lot of up's and even more down's. In the last 2 years alone, I have noticed his increase in anger. No matter what we have done to help him, it all only works for a short bit of time before he falls right back to where he started in regards to his behavior. I am hoping that be being here, I can find tips on how to help him better. And maybe, we can just find a lil bit of peace and something normal to look forward too. He is a brilliantly smart boy who is overly confused on what's going on with him and why he feels these things he is feeling. I think he deserves a little sanity in his chaotic life.
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    Welcome. You've found a great place.
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    Welcome Bridget. You've found a wonderful place, full of support, good ideas and friendship.

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    Hi Bridget, nice to meet you.
    So sorry about your ADHD son. Is he on any medications?
    Do you have any interventions in place at school, such as separating him from other kids, or cutting down on the amt of time he sits under fluorescent lights?
    Any diet changes to cut out dyes, gluten or milk?
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    I am wondering if your son has tried any ADHD medications. Sometimes they can cause anger.
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    Hi there.

    I am wondering more about him and you. It is hard for us to give any advice if you don't let us in a bit more.

    Who diagnosed him? What are his symptoms? Any early symptoms?

    Any psychiatric problems or neurological problems on either side of the family tree?

    How does he do in school? With his same-age peers?

    What would he be confused about?

    Are you convinced that he just has ADHD? It doesn't usually stand by itself. Has he ever had a complete 6-10 hour neuropsychologist evaluation? That touches on everything and is very good.

    I'm not a big fan of stimulants since my teen daughter abused them, but have you tried any medications and what was their affect on him?

    Welcome!!!! :D
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    Many thanks for the welcomes.. they are all appreciated very much!!

    tiredmommy.. I am sorry .. didnt mean to cause any problems.. will admite I hadnt read the post you linked til just now.. thanks for pointing out my mistake.. :D

    To answer some questions. yes he is on medication- Concerta to be exact. we have had to have it tweaked up a couple of times. however.. come his next check up, I will be speaking to his doctor about what has been happening since his last check up. I do know that as with many behaviorl medications, one of hte things that black lists them is hightene aggressions and talk of harming themselves. His anger although has grow, I wouldnt say its becomeoverly aggressive, but it still concerns me. however when hedoesnt get his way in school or is confronted about something he has gotten in trouble of, he begisn to talk of harming himself. I am honestly bent on what to think and feel in that as pat of me feels he does it in hopes of getting himself out of trouble, but yet, there is still the fact that he is saying this and its really not something to take lightly.

    I have suggested so many things his teacher and school can do to help him help himself but am finding I hit brick walls every time.. They will take only what they feel works the best and toss everything else out.

    We have controlled what he is allowed to eat, used things like 1 2 3 magic, you name it.. I have begun to wonder if it is possible that there is more to his adhd then just that.. for a while his medications work and then it's like they stop working.

    His confusion is mainly with why he is getting in trouble. he knows but then he doesnt. if that makes any sense. Sometimes I really wonder if he blacks or zones out when it happens. When I confront him, he can never give me a reason behind why he does what he does.

    Sadly, we are a limited income family so tests and evaulations are things we cant afford to do to be honest.
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    Bridget! Welcome! I have to say I love your name AND your login name! True Beatle fan here!

    Don't discount having testing done because of affordability. Check with your local Mental Health society. Also with your hospitals. Many work with you on a sliding scale and are able to do so (sometimes for nothing!). Check your local listings for places like "Community Resources", or if there's a Childrens or teaching hospital available. Also, if you have health insurance, you can start with a neurologist and then ask THEM to refer you for a neuropsychologist.

    You're in great company! Most of us are broke (even before the economy hit the skids!), I know I am as I lost a great job because of all of the time out due to the 3 difficult children!

    Again, welcome!

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    Welcome, Bridget!