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  1. It's been a long time and I missed the boards. I'll short hand the update.

    * difficult child is still at Residential Treatment Center (RTC), refusing treatment but it's better than the lockdown facility he could have gone to.

    * No significant change in behavior

    * We've spoken twice in last 6 weeks due to incredibly silly difficult child episode. My car broke down & I had both difficult child and DXH yelling in my ear literally, DXH on the phone & difficult child next to me in car. Both were mad because I wouldn't deliver difficult child to DXH. Hellooooo the car won't start & I wasn't sure how I was going to get to the new job the next day.

    * That leads me to the other good thing. I got a better job, closer to home (to & from work for the week on a single tank of gas) & I'm saving $100/month on my health insurance. The atmosphere is amazing and the women I work with are vivacious and smart.

    * difficult child is now visiting ONLY dad, because of the car incident listed above.

    * I took my grow up pill and actually allow the visits to continue even though DXH has no legal custody or visitation. Doesn't feel real good but if I denied him visits he'd just blame me more.

    * Got an awesome new therapist who helped me outline a very safe conversation to have with difficult child and I've done it twice now. Not a bad deal.

    That's it for me. Hope a peaceful weekend finds us all.
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    It sounds like your much more at peace then when I read from you last. Before you were always in crisis. I'm glad your doing better.
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    Thanks for the update. You sound so much better than you did the last time I read your posts. It's nice to hear.

    Congrats on the new job! My therapist said that most job unhappiness comes from the environment (co-workers) than the job itself. It sounds like you have found a great place to work.
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    Welcome! Not sure how you guys hold it all together...it does make me feel guilty sometimes being such an avid reader of this board. For me, a positive working environment is everything. The only problem is that I'm so effective at work but then I come home and it's all over!! What is up with that?? If anything it keeps my ego totally in check (wouldn't want to think I'm actually GOOD at anything). Then again, it helps to have something in my life that I'm at least marginally good at! I'm thankful for that!