Hell's Kitchen

Anyone else keeping up with this?

Pretty messed up that Josh was kicked right out of the kitchen last week. Of course he should have been gone weeks ago if you ask me.

I thought it was rather sweet of Gordo to offer to put Julia through culinary school. Showed his softer side.

I still say it is going to be my boy Rock, maaaaaybe Jen. No way Bonnie makes it.

I also still say Josh looks like David from the Rosanne show.


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I do watch it and I had hoped Julia got it, would've been a bit of a Cinderella story. I always root for the underdog!
I think Bonnie's going to get it. I don't necessarily think she deserves it, but I think she'll get it.
Would you ever eat at Jen's restaurant knowing about the spaghetti incident?
Rock kind of scares me. He gets SO mad so easy.


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I hope that Julia does take advantage of his offer and go to culinary school. I hope she can swing it financially to not work - or work less hours - while she goes to school. She definitely knows what people want to eat when they go out - she just lacked the experience and terminology, etc. Would have loved to see her take the prize.

Remember several months ago when I posted that Vegas quit taking bets on the winner thinking there might be a leak? I have to admit that I read the whole article - and know who they projected to win - and all I will say is that the particular contestant they thought might win is still in the running.

Don't want to give it away.

Funny thing is, husband and I have been watching all summer - and we're leaving this Satuday for vacation - don't know if we will actually be able to see the finale next Monday night or not - we will definitely DVR it, just in case.


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Oh, I missed last week so assume Julia is gone? Nuts, I really wanted her to win......Rock is my pick then....the other women are just not able to hold it together, can't even imagine them running a kitchen.....


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In the beginning, I thought it would be between Melissa and Rock. After she left, I figured Rock was pretty much a shoe-in given all of his experience. However, it does turn out that Jen is quite experienced and has worked for some of the top chefs in the US. So, I'd guess it would be these two in the finale and probably Jen winning cause Rock is too obvious. Bonnie is too much of a light-weight and cries too easily for my taste.

I think offering Julia culinary school was a great gesture. Another one hoping she can find a way to do it. I would love to go to any restaurant where she works.


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LOL ... Having known a few chefs in my day, taking spaghetti out of the trash is the least of disgusting things they do. At least spaghetti is easily washed.

The reality is that if most people could go into the kitchen, they'd never eat in a restaurant, not even a 5-star one.


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Wow, I really was a bit surprised to see Jenn go - I really thought it would be Jenn and Rock in the finale.

Yeah, the bit about her taking the spaghetti out of the bin was gross - but I'll bet meowbunny is right - I don't even want to know what goes on in the kitchen of your average restaurant.

Gosh, I hope we can catch the finale while out of town!!


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I was surprised at Jen going....thought it would be Bonnie. They edited the losers cleaning the living quarters so it made Bonnie look like a whiner.....Just not sure I would give her a Las Vegas restaurant to run.....never had or heard of beans and franks???? Guess she grew up priviledged or overseas or she's just too young.....
Aww, how cute they all were with their moms last night! Chef Ramsey's mom is so cute!

Well I sure never expected Bonnie to make it this far. Yikes. I do like her, but I don't think she has what it takes to run a restaurant.

Go Rock!


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I thought it was going to be Rock and Jen. Bonnie is too young and extremely immature to be running a restaurant. "Franks and Beans"


I know I sound like a prude, but I don't think it was fair to Jen with the "how to be assertive" 2 min. training that he gave. She doesn't seem like "the super-curse word" type of person (actually neither does Rock) and I don't think cursing makes you assertive - I thought it made them look aggressive!

Oh, the conjugal crack from Rock to his wife was great!

Did anyone think that when they were picking the "domes" of American comfort foods that he was hinting to Jen to pick the one on the end? I dvr'd it and it looked like he was pointing - husband disagreed, but I watched it 2 or 3 times and thought he was!




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I am sure Chef Ramsay has his favorites, for sure. I will have to watch again to see if I notice him giving Jenn a tip on the right "dome" to pick.

Rock's conjugal conversation with his wife was priceless. Surprised that made it to air!

From the previews it showed for the finale, it looks like Julia has a rough time being back in the dorm and on the show. Poor Julia!! She did so great, though, in my humble opinion. I wouldn't have even made it on the show!!

They did edit the cleaning episode to show Bonnie as a lazy girl, but in her defense, I have a friend from college who is a well-paid nanny - she doesn't cook or clean. Her job is only to take the kids back and forth to their activities and be there when the parents can't be. Apparently, the family she is with has a cleaning service, as well. She has her own apartment over the garage (nicer than a lot of apts I have been in) and she has vacation time and even gets her summers off, if you can believe it. She has been with the same family for something like close to 10 years - there are 4 children. Maybe Bonnie 'lucked out' and got a job like that one??


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I was a bit surprised that he let Jen go and kept Bonnie. If Rock can keep it together I think he should win. Bonnie admitted in one of the "confessional" parts that she's not really a nanny, she's a personnal chef who babysits for them sometimes. She kept that part hidden so the other chefs wouldn't think she was any competition.

I hope too, that Julia can do the culinary school thing Ramsay offered. She did so well with the little knowledge she had, I would eat her food anytime. And Rock was denigrating her win at the high school - well part of being a good chef is knowing what your clientele wants to eat and what Julia made was what high school kids like, she just kicked it up a bit. I could have predicted she would win that challenge. Making a really good sandwich is more than just slapping two pieces of bread together with something in between. I loved how far Julia made it, when all the other "chefs" were looking down their noses at her for being a "waffle house cook".