HELP!! 12yr old accused of inappropriately touching girl!

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    My son has a long history of trouble, but there are times trouble finds him...I need advice!!! This is all on bus video surveillance by the way...My 12yr old was sitting on bus minding his own bus (for once lol) when this girl came from a few seats back and jumps on him and started hitting him...This was all in fun as everyone is laughing etc..they were wrestling and there are a few brief mins where the seat hides the wrestling...Rumors started that my son touched her private areas and they got back to the mom who called police! Now I have to meet with- everyone tomorrow and i am upset...My son has had police involvement many times so that is already a strike!...He swears he didnt..Some kids say he did, some say he didn't...Worst case, if he did..what can happen? And why is the girls behavior acceptable?? The school is actually on his sidefor this one!! But this gossiping mom already ruined my family's rep in the neighborhood!!:faint:
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    what a mess! I can't see them charging a child with this since some say he touched her, others say he didn't. why was it okay for her to leap around teh bus to wrestle? both kids , the girl and difficult child should face consequence for inappropriate bus behaviour.
    Has your son had any issues of touching in the past? Who started the rumors? Was it the girl or another rider on the bus? Obviously there is no criminal type case to be made since everybodies stories are different but if your son did NOT touch her inappropriatly that needs to be brought out CLEARLY. He has a right to not have that reputation and the fallout at school from it. I'm glad the school is listening. Keep a cool head in your meeting. Be sure to discuss with difficult child what happened tonight before this appointment. Let him know that he MUST tell you the truth. Please keep us updated. I would also ask for reasoning on how the kids are allowed to wrestle like this on the bus, even though your difficult child was involved, it was inappropriate and unsafe behaviour. I would focus the appointment on THAT and make it clear that rumors are just that, rumors and that your difficult child deserves to have his name cleared (if he didn't touch this girl that way). I would want both difficult child and the girl in the same room with a bunch of people to see who is looking fidgeting and telling truth vs. sticking to a made up story. Hopefully the girl will say that there was just wrestling. Perhaps even in wrestling a hand grazed a body part and it was not intentional or even known but some idiot kid started mouthing off that difficult child 'touched her". Quite possible!!!
    *sigh* Best of luck! If this is all cleared I would ask the school to speak to the girls mother, make it clear that this is NOT what happened, and that this boy has a right to not have his reputation smeared. Sounds like it was just a bunch of kids who get along all being silly on a bus, meaning only problem was bus safety.
    Crossing fingers for you!
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    I have no great advice to offer...just to let you know I am thinking of you and difficult child and hope all ends up well. HUGS
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    Just sending some hugs your way. No great advice but hopefully with the school on your side that will help.