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    Hi. I am new to the site and am hoping to find some answers or even just a place that I can vent to someone that understands what I'm going through. I have a 15 yr old boy that suffers from ODD and ADD and who knows what else. He is incredibly smart but lacks motivation for EVERYTHING! Even things he wants to do. And getting him up for school in the morning is like pulling teeth!! He just doesn't think it's important to get to school on time. For example, this morning I called him for probably the 100th time and he was already 15 minutes late, to tell him he needs to leave for school, his answer was just "OMG Mom, I'm going to be late for school, the world is going to end, right?" He has been late 16 days in the last month. I have tried punishing him at home and revoking priviledges when he doesn't get there on time but it doesn't seem to bother him. He takes medications for a sleeping disorder and is usually in bed and asleep by 10 - 10:30 every night so I know it's not that he was up all night.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to motivate him and get him to see that getting to school on time is important??? he has a talent show this week and I've even thought about pulling him out of that but is that fair to the other kids in his band.

    Please Help!!
  2. Hi, welcome to this wonderful, soft landing place! Instead of punishing, can you do a reward system? I know he is 15 and this seems like a little kid thing to try, but if punishment isn't working do you think a positive approach would work. With my difficult child, being late to school isn't the issue, hers is being motivated at home to do her home chores. So what we do is: keep your room clean for xxx amount of days and earn xxx(new game at gamestop, extra time on computer, a visit to a friend's house, etc) whatever would motivate him to get his buttootti to school on time.

    The other option, my sister was successful with was: if he is late 1 more time, take him to school, walk him to his first class IN YOUR UGLIEST JAMMIES, hair not combed, slippers, etc. Her daughter was "cured" of lateness with one trip to school with mom! Or, make him leave for school as is... Time to leave, only in your boxers, guess you'll be cold today. Offer to put a pair of jeans in his backpack for him to put on once he is at school.

    I know these ideas sound crazy, but with these kiddos, gotta think outside the box.

    Hugs of welcome, Vickie