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    My grand son is 8 and diagnosis's with BiPolar (BP)/odd. He does lash out and has his tirlas but mostly at school he lashes out after the bullies push his buttons or physically attack him. Of course they are carefull enough to not get caught by the teacher and the gs does, so he is the one always in trouble. The teachers have him pegged!

    I went with my daughter to his IEP this week and it was us against them! It was just plain war! My reputation as a trouble maker with the schools preceeded me. (I got some things changed in our school for our daughter, yea!) But these lady's are going to do things the way they want to with him and they don't like him and they don't like him mom or me!

    We will have a follow up IEP and have the district supervisor there, next comes a mediator, but it all takes time and in the mean time gs is the one paying! My daughter wants him out of there and home tutored. I want things changed at school, but then again it all takes time and that's one thing we don't have.

    This morning a first grader on the bus threatened him, that unless he promised to give him something they were going to beat him up today. It made him mad, and when they got to the playground he had to defend himself, he took the first graders bookbag, took out a box of colored pencils and threw them over the fence. Unfortunately at a car dropping of kids, the pencils scratched the car. The mom said she wouldn't press charges, the scratches could be buffed out. He got in school detention ALL day and my daughter had to go in at 4:00 and talk to the teachers and principle. They all hate her, especially after the bad IEP meeting this week. Their looks alone could kill!

    There is nothing in place for his behavior, nothing! They don't handle kids like this and I want to change this school! I feel I'm alone here! But I won't be defeated. This only makes me more determined than ever, but I just don't know how to proceed, or who to turn to.

    I knew if I came her I could get some suggestions.
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    Sorry for the questions, but your answers will help us help you.

    What services and accommodations are in your GS's current IEP?
    Has a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) and a Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP) been set up? If not, those need to happen.
    Does he ride on Special Education bus? Is there a bus aide?

    You should look into having a free or low-cost advocate accompany your daughter to IEP meetings.

    For lots of great info on Special Education, check out the website

    Good luck.
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    He does need the FBA and BIP smallwood discussed. Request it in writing and via certified mail.

    There's info in the Sp Ed Archives on FBAs and BIPs.

    In the last event you described, one of his BIP goals should be that difficult child is taught to handle the situation a little differently. For example, go to the school counselor in order to cool off. In other words, teach coping skills.

    As far as bullying, it's common for children with special needs to be bullied. Some kids tend to be insensitive to the effect bullying has on playmates and classmates. It's even worse for special needs children.

    Bullying is against the law. The sd needs to make it stop. If difficult child requires a 1:1 aide to protect him and teach him coping skills, it needs to be written into the IEP.

    IDEA is written as to be proactive regarding behavior. It's another major part of the law the sds seem to forget.