HELP: I don't think I'm the right one

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by therese005us, May 22, 2009.

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    Well, I don't think I'm the right one to help this little nearly 8yo I'm caring for. Yesterday was a TERRIBLE day! We were flooded in due to heavy rains and so little one was unable to go to school. So, besides worrying about what was going on outside, I tried to do some homeschooling. She was not in a compliant mood, and every time I asked her to go tot he bathroom, she collapsed in a heap. Stubborn, refusing to go. Eventually, when she did go, she wouldn't comply with the toilet procedure (i.e. feet on stool, blowing on hand, trying for 4 mins while the timer goes). Me, I lost it, and said if she wanted to behave like a baby, then she could have her nappy on and go to bed. So, I put her to bed, and two hours later after a sleep, we both felt better (I couldnt have a sleep though). She did some school work and co-operated for the rest of the afternoon. I did feel bad about resorting to crossness. However, if she was my child...... well, we wouldn't have got to that point I don't think. I don't have the right to smack her; she doesn't have an understanding of the 1,2,3, warning... Mum smacks for anything, so even if I did smack (and I mean a little warning tap) it would make things worse. I suspect that when dear little one has these ODD tantrums mum just gives up. I am tired, so very tired, has it really only been 4 weeks? She can't go home for the weekend because of the bad road situation..... next week is the last week then mum gets to try again.....
    Today was a little better, but I think I'm comign down with a cold from getting my feet wet so much.
    i'm exhausted.

    the up side is that DS has really been improving over the last couple weeks and has been HELPFUL!!
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    I just responded on your other post.

    But reading this I see you are feeling tired and frustrated with this child.

    Just imagine having done it for the last 8 years.

    Please, please - get this mom some supports in place and help her raise her child with the help she needs. Get the mom some help - she is probably worn out. If you have any power at all to get that family what they need to stay together, please do so.