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    So I talked with Residential Treatment Center (RTC) psychiatrist this morning. He met with a group in the organization, a case conference to discuss pts. He brought up difficult child and doing a complete medication wash. The facility does not have any higher level of care beds available so they would want him transfered to a facility that would offer that(psychiatric hospital). Their other plan would be to cross taper to seroquel to abilify and see how he does.

    I have calls into his psychiatrist here (who told facility psychiatrist she wanted a complete medication wash), call into wrap coordinator to get there input. I told civility psychiatrist to hold it for a day, I needed to think and talk to some people. He agreed with this.

    So while I wait to hear from the"professionals", what does the been there done that crowd have to say? Finding s place to stop a medication wash could be hard. If he could transition from current placement to the next in a few days he could most likely go from here to there.

    by the way, psychiatrist at facility describes him as being in a mixed state. I completely agree
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    I haven't actually been there done that but wanted to be- I had been trying to get my son in a psychiatric Residential Treatment Center (RTC) to do a medication wash when he was initially put into Department of Juvenile Justice. I think the answer is on a case by case basis so you have to do what your mommy gut tells you, with dr's recommendations and you are doing that. To me, I wish my son had gotten the medication wash and Residential Treatment Center (RTC).
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    How do you feel about a medication wash? Ok with that, but worried about putting him into a different facility? And then what do they plan to trial? Would he need to be in the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for that--a good idea in my humble opinion because he probably won't be stable until they got him onto some mix of medications.

    I haven't been there done that, it is too bad that he would have to move, I am sure that is what is bothering you. How long is he at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC)? Is there anyway they could do a phased withdrawal of the medications rather than all at once?


    What medications is he on and what do the docs think he might need to get rid of?
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    How hard is the hard finding a spot in psychiatric hospital? And, sorry, but with your sig gone, I don't remember what else he's on and his dxes. Also have to take into consideration how long he's been taking medication, how many changes there have been, etc. I'm guessing quite a few, and that's why medication wash would be ideal.

    Although a full medwash is best, if switching would be a LOT easier, then I would go with that. in my opinion and experience, Abilify is pretty fast acting. For son it was positive instantly, for DD1 it was negative instantly (I just didn't see that instantly)

    If after switching it over results are not good, then pursue the full medwash.
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    So, I want to know psychiatrists plan if the seroquel does not help. I am tired of just throwing medications st this poor kiddo.

    I don't want to move him, he seems to enjoy himself there and is comfortable. I will know more after I go over for therapy today.
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    Can you try the slower exchange of medications and then if that doesn't work, then go for the medication wash? That will give him more time there, you can research more ideas for plan B, (where, once done what medications to try, where to go after new medications are on board etc.)....

    Just throwing it out there, oh, I see someone else thought similar (tee hee decided to read thru in case I was stating something you explained wouldn't work already)

    Whatever you decide, we are here. So great to hear he has felt comfortable this week. It was (is) but wow you did such a great thing for him. I can only hope to be as strong if I face this.